3 insane benefits of intermittent fasting

The thing about intermittent fasting There were three insane benefits that have had helped me out The first benefit was that I now have somei nsane laser-like focus The first benefit was that I now have somei nsane laser-like focus You're actually motivated to take action, you're motivated to get to work, you're motivated to get up, Now, the second thing that really helps out is I actually get more shredded, man Now the thing about this is everyone thinks you need to lift heavy weight, you need to be the biggest dude, doing bicep curls on the squat rack to be amazing in a good physique You could literally get shredded without you even knowing it and you don't have to spend hours and hours at the gym

Now the third thing that really helps, I gotta eat to whenever the hell it is that I want two meals for like around 2PM til like 8PM, I'm still at a calorie deficit so I can maintain chiseled and sweaty and what not Intermittent Fasting it's amazing Three insane benefits: No 1, insane focus, if you're an entrepreneur, I definitely recommend it If you're going intermittent fasting, COMMENT below

The second thing is you could shred body fat while still focusing on your life And the third thing is that you could eat whatever it is that you want and people ask me "Mike do you eat carbs, do you drink? " Guys, I live in a normal social life but I watch what I eat, I drink every now and then and I'm still able to maintain somewhat a chiseled physique With that being said, I hope this helps guys





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