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Urban here This is the 6th in my video series about how to reverse cognitive decline and by cognitive decline, I mean things like brain fog, senior moments, confusion, memory lapses, loss of skills, motor skill,s and on it goes Really, it's brain decline in the broad sense Alzheimer's is a specific diagnosis to be sure and there may be other causes of your cognitive decline So we are pursuing the diet for Alzheimer's Disease, Alzheimer's ketogenic diet and – how to reverse Alzheimer's, because Dr

Dale Bredesen, in his book recently published, identified and put forth the notion that you can reverse, or the book is called "The End of Alzheimer's" You can reverse Alzheimer's a little or a lot depending on how soon you catch the process and the diagnosis You need to put yourself under the care of someone who's conversant in the issues, but nevertheless there are things you can be doing right now and one of the big issues is what diet for Alzheimer's Disease I think the Alzheimer's ketogenic diet is crucial and by ketogenic, I mean you produce ketones by virtue of low carbohydrates, low and not so high proteins The Paleo diet has high proteins but most important, you need to identify and seal your gut which is where my recommendation will come in in just a minute

But first, I want to show you This The white container is you and these things sticking out are measurable identifiable, objective conditions This could be obesity Obesity is prominent just like this screwdriver is What about insulin resistance, elevated hemoglobin A1c, high blood pressure and Parkinson's Disease? We're really talking about chronic illnesses and the person that ties this all together is a doctor by the name of Steven Gundry, who came up with a diet called "The Plant Paradox' diet is a book you can get on Amazon and in bookstores

It's relatively new and it's a game-changer, because it ties everything together Remember all those things sticking out? Well, they're all related to chronic illnesses 90% of chronic illnesses are based on gut problems So you have to seal your gut If your diet, even if it is ketogenic, even if it is paleo and it's not dealing with lectins, as Dr

Gundry suggests, if it's not dealing with lectins, then you have a big gap in your diet That's why I promote the "Plant Paradox" diet The minute I read it, I said this is a unifying principle, the missing link So think ketogenic Think Plant Paradox as the upgrade to the ketogenic and if you're not on "The Plant Paradox" diet, then you should have very good reasons, because you can buy the book and read it and you'll learn a lot about your condition

Now that's my recommendation that you buy "The Plant Paradox" book It has recipes and different ways of approaching "The Plant Paradox" There's a crash way into the diet There's an avoidance way into it I had remarkable changes in My blood chemistry's and may it be the same for you we're talking about fasting blood sugar from type-2 diabetes to normal and lowered cholesterol & on it goes

So that's my recommendation you get "The Plant Paradox" bookLet's pursue reversing type 2 diabetes and all these other health conditions Subscribe to my channel as other health videos are coming and as usual, don't change your health care regimen without first consulting with your health care providers I wish you well and good health Let's get on the right diet





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