As for the instruments provided for by law shielding on the Functioning of coal mining.

Tchórzewski confirmed that analyzed both the possibility of further independent action holding company, and its connection to the largest mining company – Polish Mining Group (PGG). The minister admitted that the financial institutions (mainly of bondholders, who a few years ago took the worth over 1 billion zł KHW bonds) are reluctant to look at a variant in which the holding company continues to operate samodzielnie.zobacz also appeal to the Court on the law windmills’ “This road which in some way is taken into account, then – with great reluctance when it comes to financial institutions – the independent functioning of KHW. the second way is a form of merger with PGG “- said Tchórzewski. He added that he considered the second road (merger) is based on the assumption that a large entity will be easier to get established indicators, which depends on the creditors. The Minister assured that before the end of November come to the next meeting with management and the social side KHW the recovery program for the company. Previous meeting with union and management KHW took place at the end of October. Then Tchórzewski Minister and his deputy Grzegorz Tobiszowski pointed out that to achieve stability is not enough to recapitalize the holding company and the agreement with the banks; Also needed are other activities for the company, among others, in terms of the pace of restructuring and investment.

According to earlier assumptions of three investors: Enea, Węglokoks and Silesia Financial Company would fund holding capital amount of 700 million zł. In October Tchórzewski upheld these plans, but has claimed that this path does not guarantee full recovery of stability – are needed in-depth restructuring and shift the focus in the investment plan. Then also it began analyzing the possible inclusion PGG KHW prospective mines. Planned corrective actions must be approved by the banks with which the agreement is being negotiated restructuring. Holding financial institutions should be more than 1 billion zł in respect of bonds.

A few weeks ago, the parties signed the so-called. The standstill agreement, ie the agreement that was a prelude to a proper restructuring agreement. In this type of agreement, the parties declare their willingness to talks on debt restructuring, creditors and suspend the maturity of claims and executions do not take – for KHW suspension covers the period to the end of this year. In the autumn the management holding company informed the social side of its intention to suspend for three years all non-periodic benefits specified in the Holding Collective Labor Agreement. The system regulates, among others, rules for payment of any additional benefits as reward barbórkowa, annual bonus (so-called. fourteenth salary), the coal and many employees are entitled additives, eg. on school supplies for children, commuting on vacation, etc.

They also have to continue negotiations on the revision of an existing KHW zbiorowego.zobacz also the President Energa group: We have to put on conventional energy sources »the company is also considering transfer of part of the property to the Mine Restructuring Company (SRK). Talks with the social side in this case concern Rudzka part of the mine Wujek (ie. Traffic Silesia), and the uncle would in the future become a mine training. Eventually to SRK also has directions Katowice mine Wieczorek, where the end of the bed of coal. In the future, KHW would rely on two mines: Murcki-Staszic and Myslowice-Merry.

When you select a merger with PGG, probably just these bets have ended for the Group. Recently, employing more than 13.2 thousand. people holding studied the interest of employees using the social protections – one-time leave mining and severance payments. The wish expressed nearly 2.4 thousand. KHW employees. As for the instruments provided for by law shielding on the Functioning of coal mining. Applications are currently being verified. Failure of a payment card does not necessarily mean it is locked by the bank or technological attack criminals.

Plastic, like every thing in the world can use, ie. Credit card may be destroyed: it can be degaussing magnetic stripe card or chip on the card damage. Moreover, it can damage the mechanical card – bending, breakage or so. complete destruction of the card. In such cases, the first thing you should do is go to the bank facility or call the helpline. Policy banks to this type of events is varied. See also: How much the borrower will lose the bank tax? »Polish Communist Party: June 7 A team of experts will finalize the law francs» PayPal withdraws the request.

You will not have to give data to an intermediary »Unclear for the right lenders. Missellingu ban on strikes in the company’s fair »As a rule, banks argue that the damage to the card without physical evidence of this fact will result in the issuance of a duplicate without any fees. So much theory because in practice is sometimes different. It is hard to imagine that banks take expertise to each card, and not acting checked on whose side is the wine. Of course, the bank may place the blame tell the client, but then you may want to appeal the decision to charge.

The institution may in fact go hand a determined customer appeal and every path you should use. Many people make the mistake, however, in case of failure of payment card. The fear of such an attempt. Skimming card (offense involving illegal copying the contents of the magnetic stripe payment card), or other activities related to the “plastic” card reserves. Note that the card can provide, in principle, in two cases – it gets lost or stolen. It is therefore with a broken card to go to the bank as soon as possible, instead of to reserve it. Why?

In such a case the bank considers that wine is always on the client side and in most cases will add a fee for issuing a new plastic. On Friday, the Senate endorsed the amended law on the national holiday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Polish, down on 12 November. day off from work. In this situation, the law must return to the Parliament. Karczewski asked in Polsat News, Andrzej Duda whether the president will sign the law establishing the public holiday on November 12 said that “the president varies whether to sign this bill.” “The president varies. As with the rest talked with President actually fluctuated during this conversation. But it is the decision of the president and see what decision to take,” – said the marshal.

On the question of whether the law should not be Proceeded faster, he said: “It might not only faster before. I admit it.” “The idea is good. No one is perfect. I admit that I was not perfect proceedings of this bill. It’s a little late, but we made the decision.

You can also make such quick decisions,” – said Speaker of the Senate. October 23 the Parliament passed a law on the national holiday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Polish, made by PiS deputies a day earlier. The authors of the Act recalled that on November 11 this year falls on a Sunday, hence the idea of ​​making November 12 a public holiday. On Friday, senators supported the amendment deleting the preamble to the Act and the Act amending it to eliminate an indication that the newly established festival will have a festive character. Senators also opted for the amendment aimed to ensure that on 12 November 2018. Apply the rules concerning trade restrictions, analogous to the applicable on Sundays and other holidays.

They rejected the amendment aimed to ensure that on 12 November. Health Care worked as in days off work. Last week, the European Commission published a report entitled “Education and Training Monitor 2019”. We mention devoted to Poland, the Commission notes that the reform of education has caused financial and organizational problems. The biggest challenges faced by the Polish education system were included in teachers’ salaries and the increasing scarcity of kadr.Tymczasem on wages once again raise teacher unions. – The government adopted a draft budget for next year. It has no increases for teachers – said at a press conference Slawomir Broniarz, President ZNP.Rząd announced that next year the minimum wage will amount to 2 600 zł.

Meanwhile, today the minimum wage of teachers starts from 2 450 zł brutto.- So we ask, Prime Minister, how can you work in a school, in kindergarten? Prime Minister, how can you work in a school and teach computer science, mathematics and foreign languages ​​for 2 450 zł? – said the Head of the PNA. – Who is to build a state welfare state as we hear and create a middle class, if teacher salaries are lower than the minimum wage? – added. The salaries of teachers talking to the “Solidarity”. – We want that in 2020 there was another system of remuneration of teachers: more transparent, simpler and niekrzywdzący teachers. The Council adopted the assumptions of the system. We see the fact that the part of the ruling does not have activity – said Ryszard Proksa, chairman of KSOiW.Zgodnie prepared by the concept of solidarity, the minimum rate of basic pay teacher should depend on the average wage in the national economy as follows: for the trainee would be 70 percent . the average wage in the national economy, for the teacher contract 85 per cent., appointed 100 per cent., and 115 percent qualified. In this way the trainee teacher be earning 3210 zł gross teacher contract 3897 zł gross, gross appointed 4585 zł and 5273 zł gross qualified. As pointed gathered representatives of the “S” are far proposals that will be hard negocjacjom.Jak Ewertowski explained George, the chairman of the union payroll does not want politicians determines the level of teachers’ salaries. – We want to introduce such changes to the information after the announcement by the President of the CSO in February each year, the average salary was already known that teachers get salary.

Average wages directly affect the level of teachers’ salaries. We want to ensure that young man starting to work as a teacher, did not have his salary hover around the minimum wage. Therefore, we determined that levels of teachers should achieve in his salary – Ewertowski explained. Inexorably approaching zero hour for hospitals. From 31 December 2016.

They will have to meet strict standards, which is not imposed on the European Union, eg. To provide a suitable surface for each patient and access to daylight. Adapt to the requirements combined with significant expenditure. So governments count on EU support. The problem is that Brussels has imposed its rule disadvantage in obtaining new regional programs operacyjnych.- Investments of adapting existing infrastructure to the existing provisions in this perspective, as a rule, will not be eligible – confirms Dorothy habitats of the Office of the Marshal Mazowiecki.

This means that the European Commission will also be able to be kwestionować.zobacz: Doctor package oncology: Two types of cancer is too much »The Ministry of Health will soften the rigors of granting green cards» Register cancer turns out to be a fiction “Without the contributions also can be treated for free. NHF can not download debts “The paradox is that the money in the deal with the EU will be even more hospitals than in previous years. They will not, however, could be spent on repairs related to the stringent technical requirements and sanitation. For medical facilities is a drama. This means one thing: the specter of liquidation.

Only the district hospital in Makow Mazowiecki has in just over a year and a half to upgrade the operating block and a branch of anesthesiology and intensive care. He needs 20 million zł. Part already collected the same part of the governor will do. Missing 10 million zł would come from EU funds. – Without this money we will have to close the facility – says Jerzy Wielgolewski directly, managing the hospital. In a similar situation are the other bets. – What may be the third hospital at the end of 2016. Trouble, and in the case of the tenth what they will be very serious – warns Marek Wojcik, Deputy Minister of Administration and cyfryzacji.W 2007-2013 hospitals got from the European Union over 2.6 billion zł for the purchase of equipment and modernizing infrastructure. However, the National Health Fund refused to contracting certain premises of the apparatus, as a result of hardware stack up in warehouses – in line with EU requirements can not be used for a fee.

In the new perspective will be different. Purchases will be coordinated centrally. Besides, they can be subsidized only those projects that are consistent with the health needs maps. For their development of provincial governors they are responsible. They have to determine what benefits are difficult to access in the region. Maps prepared on the basis of this diagnosis will allow the market to adapt to local medical needs of the residents.

Late obligation maps mapping the health needs of provincial governors imposed on the amendment of 22 July 2014. Act on healthcare services financed from public funds (Journal of Laws of 2014. Pos. 1138). With the timetable provided for in the regulations that the documents are to be drawn up in April 2016. It is known that provincial governors not keep the deadline, because they need more time to prepare.

The slip is a result of, among others, this resort that has long worked on regulations that establish rules for creating maps. Slip on local governments will lose, because I move EU procedures (in mid-February, the European Commission has approved all regional operational programs). – The basic criterion that apply to us, is the compatibility of projects with maps health needs. As long as they do not rise, we can not announce any competitions in the field of health – explains Dorota habitats of the department of regional development funds and the European Office of the Marshal Mazowiecki. None of these documents is not a problem only for the marshals, who manage regional programs, but also for future beneficiaries. Local governments have already started planning investments in health, who want to realize the EU money.

For example, in Mazovia are preparing to launch a new project – regional territorial investments (RIT). Medium-sized cities in cooperation with counties and municipalities from this source can get grants for projects that will cover the entire sub-region. One of the enormous appetites of subsidized areas to be just health care. Ciechanów as a project leader wants to raise money for community hospitals in Las Vegas and Makow Mazowiecki. In turn, the planned investments in Radom 9 hospitals (including three Radom) and two clinics.

The problem lies in the fact that the potential beneficiaries interested in participating in the contest must submit the RIT Marshal’s Office in the investment plan, which will apply for EU funding. And the most important requirement that must be met is the compatibility with maps health needs that are not there.

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