Biohack Your Waistline and lose the Weight: Saturday Strategy

Hey there, Drew Canole! It is my honor and privilege to introduce one of my good buddies Ben Greenfield He is one of the top ten obstacle racers in the world, was voted one of the top 100health influencers on the planet last year and he is here

We want to talk about fat loss! Yeah! I’m talking about getting the most efficiency out of simple things that trick your body and they’re burning way more fat than one of the world’s most normal circumstances So how many things are we talking about today? We got 5 ways to bio hack your waistline right now Number one, the way this works is what you want to do is you want to get out of bed without having eaten anything at all and you want to do about 20 – 45 minutes of exercise in what is called your fat burning zone and you know how to determine what your fat burning zone is? So 80% or above your resting heart rate right? Proximal, the way that I like to do it is you get an exercise by, you can run a river, you figure out the heart rate which you really start burning like the stuff starts to kind of suck right? So like for me that’s about 170 beats per minute like lactic acid starts to build up on, muscles start to burn If I know what that heart rate is I subtract 20 beats and that’s your fat burning heart rate right? So for me it’s like 150 It doesn’t have to be exact, it’s easy pace like walking your dog, going for a swim, doing some yoga, moving, that type of thing okay? So that’s number one, in a fasted state you’re going to do that

Second thing that you want to do is prior to doing that fasted morning, fat burning workout where you wake up in a fasted state and exercise your fat burning zone, you put something in your system that will enhance the mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue Number one thing for that is either coffee or green tea I’m not talking about coffee with like half a stick of butter in it I’m just talking about a simple, regular old green tea A matcha green tea or coffee or caffeine

No red bull because red bull has a sugar in it Basically anything that will spike up the caffeine levels a little bit, you don’t know how much milligrams of caffeine max is all it takes Number three is after you’ve done all those things, here’s the tough part Two to five minutes of cold It could be a cold bath, it could be a cold shower, can be jumping in the cold river or cold lake

Two minutes minimum, five minutes maximum and this will mobilize a whole bunch of adipose tissue and turn it metabolically active, what is called brown adipose tissue or BAT If you’ve never taken a cold shower before, one day maybe you do 30 seconds, next day a minute or you hot-cold contrast, 20 seconds hot, 10 seconds cold or five times through which is also great for stimulating your lymphatic system as well if you do the hot, hot-cold back and forth Exactly! Next tip number four, okay Tip number four is to control your blood sugar okay? There are three ways that I like to control blood sugar, drop blood sugar down because sugar that’s floating around our bloodstream for a long period of time, guess what it gets converted into Drew Fat! Fat! Your body has very efficient mechanisms to taking sugar in the bloodstream and converting it to fat and in addition high amounts of sugar can cause inflammation, high cortisol, a host of other issues that causes your body to hold on the fat

Three quick tips that I have for you to keep your blood sugar level low during the day Every single day your goal is to consume 2 teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon, C-E-Y-L-O-N, it’s a form of cinnamon that lowers blood sugar Tip number two is to do at least one shot of apple cider vinegar per day Ideally before your most carbohydrate rich meal of the day You could also just start that off in the morning at a time

Tip number three is one of two things They both starts with a B, you can pick your poison, you can find both at, you know, the aisle of the grocery store or any other supplement type of place but one is bitter melon extract, the other one is berberine I love them because they have longevity properties but they are great for blood sugars as well This is something that you can do anytime, anyplace with nothing you require but your body Breathing

Yes that is breath work So one of my favorites for just settling down the body whenever you feel stressed, this looks silly but it actually works and you only need to do it for about 60 seconds called alternate nostril breathing You cover your left nostril and you breathe in through your right nostril and let that flow at the top at the top of your right nostril for a second and then you switch your hands and you cover your right nostril and you breath out through your left nostril and let that flow at the bottom of the left nostril for a second and you switch hands and you breathe in out of the left nostril I like to use one nostril five times Oh fast out! But seriously you can feel your cortisol drop right away when you do that

That was my five tips to bio hack your fat loss alright? We’re going to post a link to his website below Dude, he’s incredible! Check out his stuff Click the link below Drew, Ben love you guys! Remember we’re in this together We’ll see you soon!





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