Biohacking, Business automation & Work-life Balance: 3 Things I wish I’d told myself 8 years ago

I was just saying that I was going to talk about three things that we should have told myself eight years ago before i started online business automation and work-life balance and my goal for you today is that you understand basic principles of business automation today your work-life balance can improve now who am I to stand here and talk to you if you really look at me in essence I'm just some kid talking about work-life balance and that is a work right so the reason i think i got invited here is because of what happened to me in the last eight years and I think that by sharing those stories something might pop up then you can resonate with that's why i said to you too that you have more experience in business than the others for now but you can compare to the systems and see whether you can opt for the ones that haven't experienced yet you getting shortcuts hopefully a lot and that's why i also have the Cure net yet so that if you have some practical questions that can go deeper into your situation so it's a really nice goal to give right understand the basic principles of business automation in the last eight years what happened to me is when I first started out I had big issues because I didn't have a family supporting not only fit that pop-up i also didn't have money so I was forced to work eight tonight part-time jobs as students professor I believed in the idea of getting a degree since I was six years old somehow I had this idea of graduating involved and this vision had kept going through this rough period of of no support no money and i won't help a client so I always going through this health decline face where I felt stressed taking over i was speaking of books logbooks and you have to be interested in a lot to read them because else you're just staring there but it it's even worse when you have all these jobs so because I had so many jobs my focus was constantly diverting and I was picking up these booksellers focusing on them but as thinking at eight or nine things at the same time this anyone had that experience before no ready yeah so I'm not only one and as always focusing on these books and realize if I continue going like this i will never pass and get that idea that i always wanted which is a diploma right not only that I was pretty sure that if i was going to continue i might enough somewhere in an institution because the way always burning out at a consistent tempo was not normal i had minor pronounced where you just sit there for a week you can do anything because your mind just doesn't respond and then you kind of pick yourself up and you go again and so every time I pick myself up and I going to do more and then I burn out even more and so on and so on and the first thing that I wish I would have told myself was I wish I would have balance my life before I put myself into high stress positions now we doing me with that whenever you start building your business or studying really hard or you have a new partner and you you're building that relationship in some way it is a high-stress situation especially if ups and downs occur especially in entrepreneurship lifestyle its ups and downs constantly so when I was going through that period of eight to nine jobs and no family's for and just exam coming in i discovered a pamphlet and this pamphlet is written by ten temper is super underground it's like 20 pages long super small and he literally says you'll read this one too memory forever because the principles are so simple and in essence when he says in that pamphlet is health wealth and relationships are three main areas and every problem any problem that you might have is divided into those three areas and and so I tested it out i tested it out on myself in it and I started asking people what kind of problem do you have and then it started looking is it possible to divide into those three areas and each area has an internal and external so now for the first time I was in this position but I was mapping out my life i was looking okay i'm struggling but with what am I struggling so i looked at my health and with my wealth and look at my relationships and then realize the biggest struggle at that point is I didn't pass support and support of a partner support of good friends or mentors that carry you through hardships in business is very important so I realized I need to focus one by one and improve the bases and improving the basics is most important so start focusing on finding the right mentors I start focusing on finding the right partner someone I envisioned that could be good for me and support me I would understand the struggles that we go through and it became really systematic so i wont

i hit a level where i consume all the free contents you to google the speeches and I realized that I hit a wall just like you go to the gym hit a wall and what you do when you hit a wall does anybody know if you go to the gym and hit a wall what do you do to survive change your training what if you've done all the trainings and none of them work what you do anybody smart they're motivated stuff yes but there is a hack and the hackers you get a personal trainer that is on a higher level imagine you're you're going for Arnold Schwarzenegger style as you grow a one-on-one it's a professional it's a professional for you right so when you're gonna get a professional trainer he's going to get you to the next level this same goes in mental health the same as a relationship since salon so I traveled at that point to New York because i found a mentor there and I resonated with because I can stand here and tell you my story but if you don't resonate with you're not going to learn anything because they're there are like to tell you all the studies in the world but you notice logically if you don't resonate with me you're don't listen to have things that i say so I traveled to New York to this person specifically he taught me the dynamics of groups and how I should interact and you learn Tommy stop then I couldn't even imagine when I went there so when I went there I was thinking oh my god this is my last money what am I gonna do like I literally took everything out of my bank account to put the deposit down and and and then I start working even more and i got i thankfully got the money i went to new york and i came back with a completely different mindset a completely different system and so I learned the first thing which was I focused on something as learn the basics i invested in myself and I gotta return on investment those kind of investments investing to help investing into relationships you don't see them they're not tangible but my mentor once told me for every dollar you invest in yourself you're gonna get ten dollars back and I tried it and it worked for me the only issues that people think okay i'm going to invest $1,500 $2,000 and becomes like ridiculous awesome people investing $20,000 but they don't execute so what's the point of investing if you don't execute it's very important to consume all the free content and see if you're executing on the free content before you start going just like with the personal trainer you're going to pay for the personal trainer once it consumes all the free content and you get a level where you can grow less gas someone better which brings us to the second thing i wish i would've told myself as I was going through the relationships and is growing my relationships and getting better more confident there I realized I needed to go to the next thing the next thing basics that I could cover there and automatically i ended up somehow discovering a community that called themselves biohackers and they were very into help they looked at their body as a system and everything was tracked most of you know Tim Ferriss probably certain price is the extreme of that by the hacker community get blood test I think every day and stuff like that i did blood tests every month why because the research had already been done by tim ferriss and they gave asking all these people I just needed to check that it works for my body and so I got into this biohacker community and then that's some people and what i don't understood is that they all see the world as a system it's all the system to them and it's all about optimizing that system one by one they don't do everything together it's all the system and one by one they improve every so this mindset of having a system and improving it how do they do that practically the used trackers for everything so they would do blood analysis every day every month whatever and then put it next to each other and they have a chart and so you see in your chart what works so for instance i would really bad eggs like the cheapest X can get because i heard somewhere if you want to go bulk up you need X and i ate like four or five eggs and went to the doctor and he thought I was gonna have a heart attack is that was eating the bad eggs and so it happened afterwards and discovered a farmer close to me and I knew the chickens there were good so I got those legs and i was eating 45 of those eggs and I did my blood analysis and what did my blood analysis show after that that my cholesterol good one which is normal is always bad they're good 17 was twice as high as average which is very good because your cholesterol is your it is your immune system and your bad my back last fall was half of the the average and before that it was like twice the average I didn't only change the eggs i changed more foods that had talks in them but the tracker of having the blood analysis and all that stuff help me in deciding what worked and what didn't work so that brings me to the third thing which is the business automation and third thing I wish I would have told myself is don't or in your business work on your business so today they asking to talk about business automation but I'm standing here to to spread a message of work-life balance and not the message that people say go forget work and get your life in order to go meditate and stuff like that because we have this trend now that goes into the other extreme of go meditate go to that is not how it should be you should find an optimal point of where you enjoy yourself or you're happy where you balance all those three areas to the third thing I went into wealth and i started using the systems that have learned from the bio actors into my business and suddenly I wasn't just doing sales i looked and mapped out my business step by step and I used trackers for every aspect and based on those tractors I could optimize and we'll popped up sometimes is that I was working 10 hours 12 hours on something that I could easily outsourced to someone else and just by doing that simple exercise I get out at this point i get some clients that you'd be surprised that still do these mistakes most of the big clients that are in business 1,500 years they still work with really rudimentary systems and so when they presented the business automation systems on how you can applies software how you can apply hardware how you can apply people in such a way that your entire business is automated so that you can focus on actually matters they don't they don't have the time to do that and that's why someone to open doors are getting really fast really rich one of my mentors is literally doing just that what he does is he creates a system creates a business max out the entire process step-by-step he goes to another company himself that he that three times so what I wanted to tell you that you look at some of the big companies the way i also look at I used to look at them and think oh my god are giants are not going to listen to but they are working on very rudimentary system still see ya all the benefit because we were in the 21st century you understand online better than most big companies because they have their traditions so you can go to them and tell them look this is the system is how you can use this software because sometimes sometimes you don't even know a simple act like boomer I on gmail boomerang is an app that you can install on your gmail and then when you get an email you have that moment where you get an email you're like I can't be bothered with that right now but tomorrow maybe i can so boomeritis you a thing click on it and then you say postpone this message in two days or three days and then it just sends it back so simple apps like Evernote simple acts like all these things there's a there's a new app for Instagram that can schedule your posts most big companies still don't know this exists what I'm trying to say these are examples but the system's might even when you apply it the step-by-step procedure can be very simple the biggest lenders and I have a notebook just a half like I have their and their entire business is written down there my entire business is written down notebook step-by-step procedures i don't recommend this i only recommend this for the next thing that I'm gonna tell you which is Jean trips so when you go work on your business right the issue is you're very much in your business how do you plug out the way you plug out is by completely going away so one of my mentors what he does is he goes for two weeks to tire why thailand it's cheap and all the help is there and they please even the cook and everything first we completely plugs out completely no electronics nothing beats a couple of folks that's it setting week he takes his notebook starts mapping out his business and one by one starts looking like an outsourced what can i delegate how can I make this bigger and so on and so on so for a genie trip notebook is perfect but if you really go and think about selling your business maybe it's time to go and do it on the online space so another client of mine what he does is he has a wikipedia style page on his website so it's closed off and then step by step of every procedure that's going on in this company is written down and so when I have friends would have to work for him he sends me one of his pages of step-by-step procedure that needs to happen and just go over the list so that business automation on the basic principle so if you apply that basic principle the way i discovered is so that's a personal sort of way to discover is I was uh I was doing bio doing relationships and I was figuring out that by a hacker community had given me what I wanted to know and I wanted to continue i wanted to to grow into business as building these eight or nine jobs and law school and it was horrible like it was horrible on my body I'm going to help that I learned in biohacking gave me a better body to cope with it but it was still a lot so I needed a system where i could earn as much money as i did with those eight or nine jobs so the first thing that popped up with to me is I need it wasn't a business always lead to system and so a brand came out of it i need to work for myself and so my first brand came out of that and apply all the systems on that brand and what popped up is a video from an Australian guy always you know you scroll through YouTube school through google and I have nowhere this strand guy pops up and says it's like this group of guys that's traveling around the world in there on beaches with their laptops and the straight guy says you want freedom fun adventure do you want to sit next to the beach with your laptop sign up now I was like what and and just I looked at it and I couldn't believe it was possible I couldn't believe you just open your laptop everything automated and then you just closing the way to fairs describing this for our work look how which at this point is unfortunately a little bit outdated but I started reading a blog post and one of the blog post i remember what it was about but the main thing i remember was business automation it was possible to delegate and it was possible to outsource and somehow my mind didn't pop up that it would be possible so taking back to my eight or nine jobs the way I did I started just listing all of the jobs and started looking so one of the jobs with tutoring law students and started looking how can i outsource this which was taking most of my time and it was actually very simple i was performing the top three in the company so I went to my boss asked for a raise I got their ways the margin of that raise I used to employ hundred students and that way that was completely outsourced so now I can focus on my studies so this is my first introduction to automation on such a level so i was in tutoring i was doing Quality Management learned to nice question yes so involved way that is beneficial to both so because I still doing the quality management so the students were passing all of the students that was tutor to resent gotta raise is because all of your students to pass so you have somebody here we have to do is good joke yeah yeah so is partially to trust that i had and the people that was which was something I needed to learn very soon as well but i don't recommend doing this obviously but it was the first introduction that I had an automation check with your boss probably they're not going to be happy with that but it's gotten to the next point where i started pounding my business and I sort of find those principles recruiting the right people trusting people to deal with the liberating and quality checks and those are the three things that I wish you would have told myself where first one was I wish them to balance my life before I put myself into a high-stress situations because when you found a business or where you're interested in something entrepreneurial you're going to go through horrible things sometimes because of failures and you need a mentor that guides you through it you need a partner that supports you today don't feel lonely and in five or ten years but and this is literally what what's happening with some of my clients that are 30 40 years they're doing their business for a long time and they've done really well way better than I've done but they just disbanded their whole business because they're not happy anymore stop clicking something's not right and just palace it before have the right people before have a mentor that as being there today he warns you not to enter certain areas because of what can happen in 20 years where you just jump and everything breaks down and then the second thing is used tractors and think about the system's mindset not only in business we do it with our money our bag does it so why don't we do it in our life used tractors for your life anything that you want to improve use tractors for you want to improve your health use a tracker you want to improve your relationship what I do with my relationship every Sunday we have a thing called relationship review so we grade each other on how we're good it's that simple right but you know what happens start basis what is it good so she never great 10 but what happens is when we had meat swear its high her six and consists and it's like one week to eat and 3ds we know something is happening it's one thing when you kind of feel it but then it's too late but when you're tracking you really can track it and as I Oh need to change something up this is the third week now so simple things and these are the simple things but you strikers and think about the system's mindset and then the third thing is what if you're going into this entrepreneurial apply the biohackers minds of the systems might fit into your business because most of the companies you you talk to you might talk to a lot of startups when I usually talk to startups that failed i asked him where he failed and they can tell me they they literally can't tell me because they don't have system if you imagine you have amex you have an entire system of your business processes and then you go and everything is failing and go to your mentoring to say this is my business process and i just noticed this car is completely failing and everything is draining away from my business what do i do and Spencer literally tells you what to do if you don't have a system can't help you so those are the three things i hope it helped you we have a Q&A so don't worry you can ask questions I'm for everybody involved thank you very much for coming i have a free goodies for you can go to why not three of why not and in 3d number calm / venture cafe simple when it comes to venture cafe will get a free ebook you'll get my daily treat that I used to me for two years straight that changed my mindset and help and you also get me on the email list every friday i tell you what's happening at pretending to be at $TIME tomorrow probably talking about this and also came from three countries or is filming a project so i get if you have any more questions also we wanted to offer so those are mine lovely partners in crime together an average them for so what's happening on the 16 of September we're bringing the official workshop I delivered this workshop now in six countries i go deeper into every system i go deeper into how I'm act out everything helpful relationship is the meat of stuff I go really deep into how I wrote my book how I did everything my book is based on that workshop and in that workshop there's a extensive Q&A and everybody steps expectations and i haven't had a workshop every expectations were answered that eggs so usually runs two hours or something like that it's very small because if it's a big group i can't give you the time that's why i like the small groups and yes if you want to join just brush my partners in cried if you approach the inside today I'll give you 20 minutes one-on-one you can choose whether it's why not three where I look at your work life balance systems or whether it's my other company like video that there's where i look at your video marketing automation or your business automation systems which is what i do with big companies i would suggest the work-life balance system is down because if you learn this stuff and work-life balance you can apply also to your business so yeah that was it if you have any more questions you can ask me right now will try to answer those it's possible yeah I have a question it's not clear so get you through my top bosses out i read a thing the other day it was not necessarily business-oriented more personal article about a guy who trained himself to burn more habits burning this stuff he was approaching it to move learning new habits yeah and really setting really low goals but also not doing one more habit at a time for example doing five push-ups in morning adding five minutes of children do we want I which highlight it could be learn bookkeeping year yeah or pick up on your networking whatever and what's behind that he said that you have to set really low goals so you can do them for months and then it will become a habit yeah and you cannot do more than one at a time where i would think i can do five minutes of your menu and they're looking for kilometer yeah so i tried too much stuff and then they've all disappeared because I did cheat and I did do reading 5 reading two pages a day but yeah and doing temperature dips in the morning that's not a few months like faded yeah and I want i'm gonna try again but you know what motivation is a bit okay less weight tracker guys couldn't have a tracker i had–someone the new I was trying this one kinda like a report to but he wasn't doing it himself i there yet maybe there was no tracker yet so they're using I'm good question i think this how do you keep yourself motivated and do you also have this idea of you should isolate it girls do one thing at a time yeah tell your story time it's like you would take on a bunch stuff still Edison you have to do you have to always find stuff institutes in the workshop I go deeper into how much you can actually cover so there's a thing called the word Buffett methods a lot of people have stuck their names on it but I just know it as a word Buffett method in essence what it says is warren buffett always focuses on three stuff and the reason usually the maximum and in the beginning next experiment with this and I wanted our but it doesn't know anything just do myself so I experimented with like 45 stuff and like something like a relationship like a partner business studies at the time that's all of focus so when you start doing parcel sports and hanging out with friends that's all folks because you're diverting your focus on your time to it I'm so the moment you start going over three adjusted a lot of toxins and there's this fat now about gluten right so the way I know that gluten is bad for me is because I take naps afterwards when I eat good food i'm high energy and there's I don't take naps whenever I sleep like a baby and I don't take naps when you take a nap that means your body's processing something you shouldn't be eating that is like the biggest takeaway like the food wise and how to recognize that something is bad for me two princes of the one of the biohackers mindset is little experiment with it yourself i can tell you think the world hear what you have to do an appliance works for himself so they've asked we talked about how milk is bad very bad for you right here is a graph and look it's not really sure unless it's like from a really organic cow but some people in Europe process Milky Way better you have to go out check the milk and see if it works for you it's not because you ask me or some other big guy says this is good for you that is good or a battery in it fast to go out and test and see if you take a napper you get tired and the food is bad and that's how i started mapping out after two years I know what to either what not to eat i notified eat gluten I get tired so whenever I have like big conferences like this and my mental energy has to be like on level I don't you glutton any cookies the moment conference is over i get a cookie or two and then of taking it's worth their whatever francis i do martial arts right when I'm training and I go eat a cookie or something like that you feel it thank you feel when you're training but the main thing is like that guided meditation heart math just mental energy and then foods which had been for awhile I didn't exercise because I maintain the not toxins and high-fat diet i maintain licensee and then it started to put these lips do you do you eat food period of time decided I was intermittent fasting to intermittent fasting so you don't get into ketogenic once you hit like 14 14 or 15 yeah something like that so what I do from eight or nine and two i started when i get going to do it like that yeah and then yeah that usually works sometimes when it don't travel the world but so there's a difference when you're first starting out and you have a lot of toxins in your body get activated charcoal because it tells all the best soldiers will burn up all the toxins will go to rain you're going to feel really bad that's why people that first time he talks he just thinks if it's really bad they can go to the hospital like if you're really fat and start losing all that weight then all those toxins can go to bring you can go to the hospital if it's like okay that you're going to go to the hospital but you might end up feeling really bad you to get activated charcoal you can get it pharmacy I friends is the only thing that traveled with no matter what is actually charcoal like I don't go anywhere without active rhetorical just because if i eat gluten and speech great article before damn fine after 20 minutes so you don't take like up to something yes so I have much sleeping packs conferences like some countries and bite me and then I barely speak on those conferences because it's just like from a tower in the morning 210 at night sometimes later and so sometimes on one of the conferences where this where the work-life balance workshop started it was a five-day conference where I slept two hours and then I have sex machine is called cerebral electrostimulation machine a half Gabba medium there's like an entire our story of how I got there I ever blog post about this how to combine the museum and that is confusing is working with gaba and then if I see the spray the powder nobility also magnesium also helps if you watch yourself because your body absorbs we have but i have built and so most of the screen efficiencies and I I know for myself so for myself my sleep deficiency is most of it comes from magnesium officials the way I knew it is because in my blood analysis and I figured out that my museum levels were low on those months where I felt really bad so you helps me see things usually helps a lot of people are struggling with the primary question do you have planned is your favorite to check that out when you make when you get suffers get pure never liked doesn't matter which one as long as it's pure it's a Dutch one cool in Kingdom I'm not question with Jax use tribes I mean it sounds horrible when you're doing blood analysis and stuff but look at your magnesium levels before phil's and after fills and you'll pretty much know that works for you analysis used it on your own no my handles I start doing it because I details so I went to the doctor and there's an entire system how to find a dr w those blood analysis every month because they don't want to like waste money and stuff like that so you have to find a doctor that is actually interested and read about new innovation because what they learn in medical school is based on the police back then so if they learn something 10 years ago they still think that works so you need to find a doctor that is actually keeping up with the new trend secured notes what's happening once you've found a doctor and you will know just asking whenever you want blood analysis i noted first started getting like that little guy also wrote an entire block was how to find a doctor not going to write focus about it but yeah just ask a doctor bc and doing that don't you you're interested like track no I had it all started just wondering how you going to a doctor and and then just set up mail so he used to mail me my results and then asked him to email them because I could actually like to come next to each other in case you for thanks sorry was a link again where you could find out 3

com / venture capital or something juicy juicy juicy juicy steroids like it reaches base oh ok so we're juicing at it's a funny trend because but this is my opinion i'm not an expert on this so this is just my opinion so when you're going for fruits you need a maximum of 24 grams per day for fructose convergence of fats so if you take a chart of all the fruits like bananas super high fructose that means you can be like two bananas and that's it keep it true three bananas into your juicer what's going to happen is sold and going to your facts so that's why don't loose because i graduated from attempt consuming and so apples pretty Walsh I mean apples as a max I usually too but I know that if I too and i'm hungry i can get a third one because then below my 24 grabs and so it doesn't comfort into fat and I don't get too fat so that's my opinion on fruits you have juicy can be there if his vegetables you can eat as much as you want as long again toxin levels so if it's unspread here on a budget there are some that adapt less toxins like avocado it adopts the less taxes like white rice as well but some of them it's better to go biological biological is it at the farmer not as a buyer sticker because i have experimented with body needs as its not by you mean I felt horrible afterwards but the way the way you know is literally go clean for awhile like really really clean based on what diet says and this hurt one mic one and if your store says their biological strawberries but they're not you're getting feelings so with strawberries I can feel it vegetables left usually your vegetables are five ish parents like to buy lunch with yeah that's not like spinach so it's really hard to contaminate that's good but i would refer you again to the experts like Mark system works the Apple learns aspirin diet drink your coffee with pencil yeah I used I used to do it i'm going to pick it up and said memory I did it for like two years and this is the reason why starting the blood analysis because consume a lot of fat like a lot is consuming four sticks of butter to lead and I was worried because one of my doctors the one that didn't like biohacking something that said you're gonna have a heart attack and then the next week she did my blood analysis and was like twice as healthy as another person and she's like oh well whatever literally that's how she reacted so yeah I was doing partially because it was ensured that consumption is good the fact that something has to be again careful what kind of fat and carry gold butter I try to stay away from all the other butters you can also see butter to buy a command have to talk about work-life balance i could talk for hours about it anymore yeah we could talk about the foodstuff yeah is everybody interested but it's no sorry yes exactly the Greens different person yeah i wrote a blog 401 tips on program intended little clues like I can give you a hundred tips and it works i'll give you a hundred and one note the idea about the presentation is the main thing why you actually can get clients that paint is because procrastination is a thing that pops up when you don't know your why the way simon Sinek this crime scenes and your wife needs to be described in a sentence or two once you know that lie in its complete form because there was a while work so my widest inspired freedom and other so that they can follow their passions and become the best it can be for a long while it was I want to inspire three them another so that they can follow their passions and then what happens i set up a national trainers for a company I founded it I worked really hard to get it and then we recruited some people that would fit in there and and what happened was I walked away really mad and I found it but had to walk away from my health because it can manage stress and seeing that people could ruin something that i created and so the last sentence less part of that sentence popped out which is on to start feeding another so that they can follow their passions and become the best they can be the reason I got so mad at those people and walked away is because i wanted the people under the net national trainer steam to become the best it can be and I knew that those people in charge where unfortunately I recruited them so it's my fault and I had to accept my only state but they weren't the best they wouldn't take out the best out of the people and so I walked away mad and but at least he gave me my Y and now whenever I start adventure work with people tested and I see can they be the best it can be can they deliver what they want to deliver because I know else five years ten years into the future something's gonna happen is going to class Houston and that's when you start predicting into recruitment after a while you've done enough equipment to start seeing that so once you have that why you know which areas of industries you need to go to so if i go for instance to if i go into art and painting i'm a really bad paint so I'm gonna procrastinate on painting or if I studied painting i'm gonna procrastinate okay I'm gonna hate it but if I go into building to building businesses building systems building by hacking stuff like I like building a love it is i know i can improve constantly become the best second it's my passion I don't procrastinate there you get you need to find those industries when you entered those industries you don't procrastinate and that's my that's my answer fascination as long as you're into industry where your soul is getting eaten away your body's going to press it and there are like simple practical tips that you can endure through your procrastination always going to happen in the end the clash after five years you're going to walk away mad at the world not understand why and so in order to prevent that look in the beginning what is your passion what are you really interested in you can maintain for ten years or twenty designs are now you can do practical stuff like public doral which is like 25 minutes focus five mins positive so you can do those things but you're going to just shake you can push I just don't recommend it it's the burnouts doesn't just need a accountability love you guys and let you help the issue with destination is that if you push it even with accountability buddies like at one point there is going to become a burn-up you're pushing your body there's a strain on your willpower mental energy you can maintain it for a year or two but after five years and six years one of my best friends the reason I'm standing here the reason I built this entire business around this one of my best friends ended up in hospital because she was pushing his shoes for class dangerous species high achiever and pushing and 21st century promotes push it and I'm telling you don't push go into those industries where you don't have to sometimes like accountancy and business you have to do it so you push for a day or two and then you go 28 days into the business that your love if you offer me a million dollars in any other industry right now I know I'm not gonna take it because I know that if I maintain my paints in the two industries that I here right now i will get i'll get there one day I don't need it I'm enjoying what doing and so if you're interested in something to build a career out of it like just to get the money that's usually not the motivation that you want because then you can go into ICT or something get more money you if you really find out why you're interested in music and you understand I like music because I i know i can make someone feel like me one day when my life changed you know when you figure that that one thing out then you're going to look at it and think while if I do this for 10 years who knows we're going to end up if you want to stop procrastination your wife but you'll see official you go for that vision but it needs to be in an industry where you don't push yourself if you push yourself you're like really to maintain for 23 years and I see people me but I also see people burning out after five or six years that's the particle tell you last thing is honestly the lengths enjoy what I mean it's something in general sweet tend to understand intel on the best yes because basically yeah I want to do medical it's just so with food there are two ways there's a way to race and so you associated so you know I don't think is everybody going to do so in your linguistic programming I don't completely agree with everything they say but they have one thing which is anchored so if you were raised with nutella good feelings and you did that for 20 meters that's a habit that's anchored to tell up you need to break and breaking habits with like- associate this is this is research based on research positive after positive association is all it's always negative so instead of focusing on how intelligent improve everything get another food like Isis butter was that for me and Link really good memories to that to that when you feel not very good really not very Allah then you get that cut like butter that is healthy and nothing to tell so you have actually have a choice between good units because you're not choosing between Foods good field as the first thing so you can anchor and under food to get even more better feelings than the other one and the second thing is go very clean for awhile and then start picking up and tell again you're going to feel and then you're going to get your negative association together with your positive because after a while we don't take now your high energy constantly and then you like bread or Nutella and it just slams you down for three hours I after a week or two you're like enough I don't business so like for instance i can pick up a cookie or two like that small if I eat a loaf of bread like that's it so restaurants you're never going to see pasta or bread because I know completely Smackdown a cookie can still push through small small mind small body personal injury alcohol well so risky but so the idea behind alcohol is it's not good if you look at the overall scheme if you're in high-stress is like situations so why is one of three existing because of the work-life balance with that I didn't maintain that effective and not burn out but sometimes it happens that I go over my point and the way outs in my body is hyperventilation your chronic hyperventilation it's a breathing really back from just just in general from stress so I start just gasping for air all the time and I don't even notice it so whiskey then which is which used to be in the middle ages like health anyways I take whiskey because it distressing so a little bit of alcohol stimulates gap or when you upgrade which makes this take a little bit of whiskey to work for four hours and you'll wake up the middle night if you take a little bit warm will sleep eight hours experiment with that as well so i take alcohol specifically whiskey is no it's less toxins the wine for instance i like to taste those moments where I know that the stress is too much and it's not worth the trade so stress is a bigger killer and alcohol so once like stress it's higher than like the negative points that i get from alcohol drink a little bit about the hall to Lourdes no sir this is only so i take what you get with suppression you're covering temporary to get the presentation secondary get yet it's a temporary fix so obviously they're like a cart Matt and all these other things that my treatment but these are warning signs the issue with stresses stresses and go like this stress goes like this and this roots and symptoms hit this point starting symptoms start doing something about it it still goes off just starts out like that and then this when I have all this hyperventilation and sleep and all that stuff it doesn't happen now because I have all my systems and my trackers but what it used to be I would drink whiskey 44 like it would be like the maximum and it was maybe fifteen days and then every night and just take a simple like take a little bit not a lot just to stimulate the gospel and that's it but yeah it's not a solution nothing obviously it's not going to solve your problems so you still need to work about the systems and creating systems around it and the trackers to maintain a late to put your stress down its yes I your time I think so thank you very much guys






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