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Speak people I'm Rodrigo Kherlakian, I'm a founding partner of B-on and today we're going talk about what this biohacking is like, the staff talk about having coffee with butter and such Wow what a bunch of nuts, what is this? We'll tell you what it is

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Good after all what is biohacking, good bio: biology, Hacking: hacker, you must have even a non-positive connotation for it, nothing is more than you and in unconventional ways you will not do what everyone else is doing but you will get the result that everyone is wanting because if you do what Everybody ta doing you will not get the result You will go on an unconventional path, a different path to get a result biological you both want, it will be cool you see how it arose there is a certain controversy from when it was the term, there are even people who say that it was the dave asprey that called (the creator of coffee with butter) who called it biohacking it's involved with a lot of sensor machine thing and everything, but usually is attributed the beginning to the meetings of quantified self including Tim f here are tools of titans, the 4 hour body and everything else, which is why this book based on what his biohacking, where he went in those dave asprey himself, and the famous call C Roberts in these meetings, they are basically people who have become accustomed to creating different forms to measure different things in your own body, since Sleep is more normal, at the time This book here still did not have the Apple watch, there is another I'm not using now which is the Up, have ring, today we have a lot of things, put the cell phone lying in bed to measure your sleep and quality, and then you make a correlation for everything you did on the day if you bathed icy, if you meditated, if you ate too close to sleep, you have a correlation in what you do with the quality of your sleep, at this time who even had a tape you put on to measure your brainwaves and everything else a little more archaic, and archaic speaking from 5 years ago, to get an idea of ​​how the things are abundant nowadays of technological modification, basically this group gave origin to these ways of measuring, there were people who mediated with Which people she interacted with, interacted in the day, so he walked with a camera here in the chest, what he saw he would take photos, and then go to the computer and make a file of people to see how that changed his mood then from crazy things to more things you can use bioracking to improve your day-to-day is what we say is: separate an area, it can be from the body, it can be lower percentage of fat, it may be your sleep, it may be gaining muscle mass, the goal basically depends of you, plus biohacking, a way for you to achieve this, using technology, using the ancestral knowledge that we have today, who we know works, is proven or empirically, good to talk about some biohacking goals, to be more practical can improve your concentration, for this you can provided exercise in the morning, sleep better, meditate, train something on the mobile application mount, any thing that improves your focus, you can learn to read speed reading, it all improves, but can also go after other biohacks, which are in the senses of the nootropics, here in Brásil it's still a little weak, but in the US that's bumping, you got bacupa which helps a lot in mental clarity, You have the own gaba can also be used to give a calming, focus, theanine with caffeine and a beautiful one of a set, you have the family of racetams that are natural but with some kind of modification, Thanks to Russian studies in the 60's 70 they come by the many things that help and do not have problems, there is modafinil, which Americans use a lot, dave asprey himself talk that uses a lot, you have the phenibuts, you have a lot of nootropic, here in Brazil It's still a little weaker, we'll still talk, in the United States you already have companies that join all this package delivery you take and get better, goal will be to sleep you can wear an orange glasses and I have, my fiancée has, my whole family has, and gave 8 o'clock at night everyone taca o ocúlos oranges to avoid suppressing the production of melatonin that happens with blue light, so basically the sun and the blue light is the same as the lamps we have today, it is worth remembering that people only has 100-year-old bulbs, 120 years or so, and our body was always accustomed with the night only with the light of the fire than orange does not affect the production of melatonin, then the orange ocúlos Gives Insured, something else can do to sleep better is to avoid screens, you can take a warm bath, you can avoid from exercising two or three hours before bedtime, you have several forms, you can also take some other things, You can sneeze melatonin, you can take gaba, have several others ways you improve sleep, the other is to maximize longevity, and this is also a personal biohacking uses a lot, and for this you can from fasting until one of the unique ways that you are proven to increase your longevity is to download the consumption of calories, to control this to do on purpose, in a rat of a much increase significant, for this you can improve your physical performance which is another area of biohacking which is very strong for this you have Numerous things, from the way from my training to measuring everything through bracelets, until I use a business to call Power lang for you to improve your lung, you suck and loose and resistance in the lung until breathing wim hof, which is an inspiration that causes the cells they use oxygen better, then the biohacking basically who will set the goal is you may want to improve your mood, it's a little more to improve your motivation, your energy, it's all part of your biohacking, how can you do that? do not miss any of our videos, subscribe to our channel every hour we will continue giving you more tips on how you can biohackear your life, now that you already know what It's biohacking you're drooling to apply biohacking there in your life

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