Biohacking – So leistest Du Übermenschliches

How you can almost do superhuman things: a stronger, more attractive body, more focus, motivation and hours of concentrated work How to do that, we clarify now! Biohacking – a relatively new fashion concept for something that you certainly schonmal have applied

Biohacking is about positively influencing yourself and your environment, to optimize your physical and mental performance An example: Have you ever been for a coffee on Morning really awake, or turned on your favorite song and directly mega good Get mood or relax in a hot bath? That's what biohacking was You have influenced your environment to change your physical condition But of course there are much cooler things here than getting in a hot bath For example, as a true biohacker, you can lose excess fat without losing weight To be hungry, – reduce your stress immediately, – build muscles visibly with little training effort, – focus on an individual task for hours, – and much more

Many thanks to the site at Primal State, of which I provide much of the information have On their website you will find really interesting blog posts and articles about biohacking I linked them to you in the description Primal State divides biohacking into 3 categories: 1 Bodyhacking: how to make your body strong, attractive and resilient

Second Food hacking: What the nutrient-rich foods are for peak performance and how healthy you are Easily integrate nutrition into your everyday life Third Mindhacking: The perfect mental techniques for more brainpower, focus and motivation In the next video we will take a closer look at each of the three pillars of biohacking and discuss in detail how you can exploit your full performance potential 🙂 This video is about how to make our day as a biohacker more productive can by using a simple hack from each of the 3 categories If you feel really tired and unfocused in the morning after getting up, or do not have time to eat, try a bullet proof instead of breakfast Coffee, at your own risk It consists of a large cup of black coffee, with about a tablespoon of pasture butter and a tablespoon of MCT oil

All this is stirred vigorously or mixed foamy Although it may not sound like this, this fat coffee tastes sensationally delicious Keep you awake and keep you fed until lunchtime If you do not like coffee, you can of course replace it with green tea and drink it with pasture butter and MCT oil But why would you even put that much fat in a drink? To put it simply, if we only eat fat, our body stays in it Fat burning mode, which means we can lose weight So Bulletproof Coffee works very well with Intermittent Fasting, a keto diet or proper fasting

But that's too much of an issue for this video More information can be found in the book in the description, or in the video on the Info card Another interesting effect of Bulletproof Coffee is that it promotes increased endurance and ability to concentrate At least according to Dave Asprey, the inventor of this special coffee

According to my knowledge, however, there are still no clear study results, why I can not say exactly if, or how much marketing ultimately behind this Statement is But I definitely drink Bulletproof Coffee regularly instead of a breakfast And I have the impression that I can actually concentrate much better with it Whether it's placebo or not, in the future I definitely will not give it up anymore : D So a cool food hack: Bulletproof Coffee He is wide awake, full and possibly more efficient Even more information and the exact recipe I have linked to you in the description, if you want to try it

If, during the course of the day, the coffee's effect wears off, and with your ability to concentrate downhill, then you can counter with a bodyhack: with mini workouts If you catch yourself scrolling through YouTube or Instagram just like that instead of doing your scheduled tasks, then just do it instead do a few pushups, or squats, or let your arms circle quickly The goal is to push your pulse up A single minute of intense training is enough for that, but probably brings you not sweating yet By getting your circulation going, more oxygen is being transported to the brain

This gives a boost of willpower and helps you to recover to focus on your work A very simple hack to prevent procrastination Since I have integrated regular mini-workouts in my everyday life, I make it clear more work, because I'm not so easily distracted by YouTube By the way, the mini-training has another great effect! Sitting periods of more than 45 minutes can lead to obesity of the organs Ötzi Dogan, the health coach of Primal State, therefore, recommends your pulse every 45 minutes to bring about 110, to prevent this

This bodyhack not only makes you more productive, but also healthier If we finally want to relax after a productive working day, it works sometimes not because we are still too stressed from work Here's an effective Mindhack that you can apply anytime, anywhere: one Breathing technique Our breath is a measure of stress: the more stressed we are, the more superficial we breathe But we can actively intervene in this process

If we are able to breathe more slowly and, above all, deeper, in the abdomen, so to speak We effectively reduce our stress and automatically become much more relaxed While there is no recipe for the best breathing technique, you can just do it Begin: Sit upright but comfortably Put a hand on your stomach so you can feel it, if you really take a deep breath Your hand should move a few centimeters with every breath Then inhale through the nose and count slowly to 4

Then exhale completely and count to 4 as well A really simple exercise that relaxes immediately One minute is often enough to reduce your stress noticeably But you can also make the exercise longer I always set myself at least 5 minutes as a goal

After the closing time was so relaxing by this Mindhack, the perfect Begin night sleep If you want the night to be so restful that you get full of energy the next morning jump out of bed, then you can also apply some strong biohacks here Ludwig, the new addition to Logical Lemon, has written a little guide for you You can download it for free to optimize your sleep The tips will make you feel awake and fit every morning

The link to the guide is in the description Of course, Ludwig is always happy to receive constructive feedback so that he will be able to do so in the future can create even more useful guides and ebooks for you So write us a comment, or an e-mail, as you like the ebook In this sense, good luck with biohacking and in the next video's even more to!



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