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– [Narrator] The following video is an ABC Primetime Investigative Report, which started the Biohacking Revolution 2005 You want an advantage when turning back the clock? Who would not do that? Well, it's no longer science fiction, it's one Possibility of science, a potential breakthrough

It may not look like the fountain of youth, but in this nondescript building I will be part of an exciting experiment For me it starts with a blood test It would not be the first time, that I donate blood for this company You want to check my levels of TBARS, this one is a rough indicator of the actual age of a person TBARS can recognize a condition called oxidative stress is known, a kind of measure of the wear of our body

Oxidative stress, such as rusting an engine, is not a good thing The problem of aging starts with food, that we eat to give us energy As our cells burn this food, they also release toxic chemicals These chemicals – you may know them as free radicals – react with all components of ours Cells and bomb literally millions of times per second and damage all our cells And the result? Oxidative stress

And we all have it The body defends itself with a defense system It forms two antioxidant enzymes, catalase and SOD, whose job it is to devour the free radicals, before they can damage our cells So, Doctor, how often do I take these? So, let's go With these pills I became part of one potentially groundbreaking scientific experiment

It's called Protandim and tests have already shown that it is the production of these good enzymes accelerated in our body More enzymes, less free radicals that harm us Normally the oxidative stress, measured, increases These TBARS increase with age But taking only one pill of Protandim a day reversed this trend for all people of all ages, even for an 80-year-old So, what exactly is in this seemingly incredible pill? Well, its origins are actually very modest

Protandim is a combination of five plant ingredients Some may know you: green tea or Turmeric, a spice that lives in the Indian cuisine is used Others, Withania Somnifera and Silybum Marianum, are more exotic High oxidative stress is associated with more than aging It has been with hundreds of diseases connected

It is the heart of many diseases: Liver disease, diabetes, emphysema, asthma, all of these, strokes, heart attacks – [John] Even mental illnesses Yes Depression? Alzheimer's, depression But what is my progress? After almost two weeks it's time to get my results

The result? My oxidative stress has dropped dramatically Just look at how I fall on the curve before and after Did we reset the clock? Maybe not outside But deep inside me, in my cells, yes there already We know that oxidative stress is part of these disease processes

And I do not want to wait until I'm 80 years old and find out that I should have taken it The company that makes Protandim says that his tests show that the pill consists of hundreds For years, the ingredients used are absolutely safe More information can be found on our website at abcnewscom – [Narrator] Protandim NRF2 is through seven US patents protected

Major universities and government agencies initiated and continue self-funded studies, following the ABC Primetime Investigation Report, you have just viewed and originally aired in 2005 These studies show further scientific findings on the unique advantages of Protandim NRF2 and investigate how this anti-aging breakthrough many of the problems related prevent and improve with aging The next video will bring you up to date, where we are today Our bodies are amazing machines, a machine that works constantly to the ecological and combat biological stress that attacks them We breathe in pollution, our body filters it out

We get hot or cold, our body regulates itself We get sunburn, are sick or injured and our body is working to repair itself But as with any machine, this alone what it is destined to wear and tear And the longer it works, the more ineffective it works It starts to break down gradually

And with our bodies, we age But what if that were not the case? What if it could turn the tables? so while your body does what it was designed for, that he is then more resistant to it Environment and against biological stress It sounds amazing, right? You do not have to imagine it because we have already arrived I introduce, LifeVantage, a listed company at the top of nutrigenomics, that with food and naturally occurring Compounds improves your gene expression for a healthier and possibly longer life

Our first breakthrough in nutrigenomics was successful with the discovery of the NRF2 protein, also known as the main regulator the stress response of the body Now these are aging and many of its undesirable ones Problems with the collapse of the cells connected to our body by oxidative pressure, Damage from overcharging the free radicals are caused Our patented Protandim NRF2 Synergizer stimulates the NRF2 protein, which causes the body to make its own strong produces protective antioxidant enzymes, and it is the only nutritional supplement in one clinical study has been demonstrated to be oxidative Stress in humans within 30 days on average to reduce 40% and thus the lipid peroxidation to the level to reduce a much younger person Our latest peer review study Washington State University calls NRF2 activation one of the "most extraordinary "therapeutic and preventive breakthroughs "in the history of medicine" In a $ 3

4 Billion Antioxidant Supplement Industry stands out Protandim as the key to making out of the antioxidants, rather than merely ingesting them But there is another problem in the context of aging you need to fix the collapse of your mitochondria Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells They form adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the fuel that makes your heart pump, muscle growth supports and promotes healthy brain function And because mitochondria are the source of 95% of your body's energy, Your mitochondria also deplete your energy level

The Protandim NRF1 Synergizer is a new breakthrough, which supports mitochondrial production and reverse the effects of cell aging If you combine both Protandim products, reduce oxidative stress and help your body's mitochondrial production to support, so that you healthy, receive energetic and youthful cells LifeVantage At the top of nutrigenomics – [Narrator] We invite you, the one who shared this video, something about ours to tell other nutrigenomic biohacking products and to learn how LifeVantage your life can change for the better today



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