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Hey everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful day today what are we gonna Today, what are we going to make? Lemonade! I thought why not make a Halloween themed lemonade that's very healthy for kids and adults?! Yeah! Okay, so we're gonna get started

You can either put spring water, mineral water or filtered water Or pink water Or Alkaline water Or, also, peppermint water It might taste good as peppermint lemonade We're also gonna use agave

Yeah Agave and Lemon and lemon of course! And Pure Activated Food Grade Charcoal It depends on how you're serving it If you want it in a punch bowl

We're putting in a pitcher today, but the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to make autumnal themed Ice cubes I know you can get skulls if you want to make it creepier but, I wanted something that would go into Thanksgiving So for this, we're going to use pumpkins Oh! Andby the way, we washed our hands What did you do for your face makeup today? Cat and Lipstick! Catfor Halloween, Cat? Yeah, itit's keeps getting off all by itself

I already pre-cut a lemon the reason we put this mesh strainer is to That's ok, that happens sometimes Thats happens sometimes I already pre-cut a lemon The reason we put this mesh strainer is to catch any seeds Obviously this is not an orange pumpkin ice cube

It's gonna be like the yellow pumpkin and then we're gonna add water to it to dilute it a little bit It's ok if it's on the stronger side because it's going to be iced We're going to add a little Agave to it

Mmhmm Mmmm That's really good! We're gonna pour these in Okay! Please don't drip it Not going to drip it Really? You are

Let me go throw this in the fridge real quick freezer! The freezer, not the fridge Really? You are making so a mess Now, we're going to add it to the pitcher

After the mess I made I always roll these and and then cut them because it helps soften up the lemon so it's easier to squeeze the juice out Yeah! You literally want to make these feels like they're a bit squished before you cut it open Do you need me to start? Yeah! Okay, so if you couldn't already tell, we were having problems with the lemon So, what we did is, sliced the ends of the lemons off and cut in a circular motion and I put them in my bullet and just blended it all I tried to get out as many seeds as possible but that was the best I could do

I'm just gonna pour it in Ok, so let's add some water I want to put it in too I always put in the dry ingredients with the spoon first, cuz you don't want it to stick

I'm gonna give you the whisk and you're gonna stir it in a second Hold onto it do not put it in there yet and hold it at the handle not at the not at the ? that you're holding it

I think I'm gonna put in two I want to turn it over so that it doesn't get all on the whisk You see what I'm talking about? Huh! It changed to a different color Now stir it and while you're stirring it I'm going to add the agave, okay? And what's the next part? For some added flavor, I'm gonna add a little bit of salt

You want to use a mineral salt Can I smell it? Ooooo This is pink Himalayan salt you, can use other salts Yup! I'm gonna grate this in here

Just make sure it's a mineral salt, if you're gonna add it because it has a lot of health benefits it's very delicious too 'cuz it brings out more flavor in the lemonade

I wanted to do that Sorry It's ok Here, you can do it Hold it by the handle Oh ok and then, hold it by the top so you don't grate your finger

Like that Hold it tight Like this? Yup

This yielded a lot more than I thought it was going to! Is it perfect?! Mmmhmmm So, this madealot! Yaaay! Oooo, I thought, "It's was gonna break" That's one! That was a fail The ice cubes I don't think they're frozen enough You can, um, do this for any event You can even drink this on a daily basis

It's really healthy and really good for you right? Right! All right, everybody! I hope you enjoyed our video! Bye-Bye!Mwah, Mwah, Mwah! Bye! Bye! Creepy Lemonade Yeah! and I was inspired by this umOh, thank you, I love you too I love you too Ok, let's see if we need to, ah, change anything Whew! We need to add more stuff Wheww!



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