Bulletproof Coffee Weight Loss Results

What do you think of Bulletproof coffee weight loss results? It’s a shot in the dark to say whether or not the coffee caused the weight loss But their claims are not bulletproof

Coffee contains caffeine that boosts your metabolism The caffeine may increase your anxiety, leading to stress hormones and weight loss And adding butter to your coffee does not reduce its caloric intake The protein and fats in your butter control your appetite Why not just replace non-dairy creamer, whatever is in that, with real dairy creamer? You get protein and fat via the dairy and know what you’re drinking

The butter is more filling Dairy has more sugar than butter Butter is made from the butter fats derived from milk Though butter is going to be worse for your lipid profile than dairy creamer Now the diet is specific

It has to be real butter, not margarine Of course you think corn oil is going to blow your diet, but four spoonfuls of butter in your coffee won’t The diet helped him lose weight I think it was more the guy’s otherwise Paleo diet and intermittent fasting Fasting helps you lose weight

Fasting causes you to lose weight because you aren’t eating anything You’re drinking the coffee Oh, great, a stimulant to accelerate your metabolism and barely enough calories to avoid passing out that day That’s not a long term weight loss solution It is a short term weight loss solution

You could get the same effects drinking a gallon of water sitting in the woods, and then you might get a step closer to enlightenment This is just crazy The diet is supposed to lead to faster fat loss By starving yourself, your body decides to store more fat in the future Drinking coffee with butter doesn’t offset the lack of food, but it does dehydrate you

You don’t think it works I think the Bulletproof coffee diet is a guarantee you’ll be yo-yo dieting if you keep relying on it for weight loss



Dave Asprey


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