Dave Asprey: Keto Cycling

– I'm here at the brand new Bulletproof headquarters in Seattle, and working really hard on just getting the message out about what the keto diet can do for you and not do for you In the course of writing the Bulletproof Diet, I lost 100 pounds and I have kept it off without experiencing cravings and struggle

Along the way, I did three months of what is called extreme keto I did one serving of vegetables a day, super large amounts of fat, and a pretty good amount of protein too, probably more than I'd recommend with the current Bulletproof recommendations And here's what happened My sleep quality dropped dramatically I was waking up 12 times a night without knowing it, according to my sleep monitor

I woke up feeling trashed, even though I needed more sleep I started to get really dry eyes, dry sinuses, and towards the end of it I actually started to put on some weight The reason this happened is that my gut bacteria got jacked So what I arrived at, after having tried being a raw vegan and tried all these different diets and looked at the biochemistry, is that you need to go on a cyclical keto diet Here's the deal, ketones turn your brain on, they change your life, they make you feel amazing

If you are in all ketosis all the time, you don't feel as good over the course of months You still feel better then you did before, unquestionably, you want to have ketones present, but if you don't take the time to go out and come back in, it doesn't work as well So what I recommend now, is going in and out of keto The problem is that anyone who's done a real ketosis diet understands, you don't feel good the first couple days when you're trying to go in So, if every week you have some carbs, like I recommend on your protein fast day, then you're basically always struggling with cravings

The cure for this is to use brain octane oil You put it in your bulletproof coffee in the morning Put it on your salad or whatever you're eating, and right away you have a background level of ketones I can get my levels up to 6,

7, even if I've had carbs the night before and you're officially in nutritional ketosis at 8 The thing is, above 5 in your blood, you lose the cravings

Your ghrelin levels change, and your CCK levels change, those control cravings and fullness So what you end up doing is effortlessly going in and out of ketosis, and you can actually eat more carbs when you use brain octane oil and still have ketones present So what I've found is that, for me to have a healthy bacteria balance in my gut, for me to make the polysaccharides that are part of my immune system, for me to feed the glial cells in my brain, the immune cells that cause rebuilding in the brain They like carbs actually, they don't like ketones, the neurons like ketones better, you need to do both So just like you would do high intensity interval training, you go really hard and then recover, go hard and recover

This is the cycle of life And when you're using ketosis, go hard in ketosis, don't eat carbs for a while Lots of veggies, lots of fat and moderate protein And then, switch over to clean carbs and you can still do brain octane, you can even still do some fat You can still do some protein and then switch back

When you do this repeatedly and reliably, you end up having a life with no cravings whatsoever You stay lean and you're likely to have better immune functioning and certainly, unquestionably, you're gonna have a much happier, more functional, more diverse gut bacteria This is tough, because I'm not recommending a high carb diet, I'm not recommending ketosis all the time I'm recommending ketosis and then low-grade exogenous ketosis using brain octane oil with carbs and then ketosis So do this on a regular basis, and you can do this for years and years

Your brain, your body, your joints, all of you will benefit from that Cyclical ketosis without eating toxins That's what I do That's the core of the Bulletproof Diet and it works



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reversing disease with diet