Does intermittent fasting help us to lose body fat?

Hi, it's just a little update this morning I went to my First since a couple of months now first private session with Beth Um I loved getting up very early

It's it's wonderful to do the workout early in the morning and then you are done and Challenging was that I haven't had food before because we are going into a certain routine of doing cardio early in the morning without having food so that cardio exercise would take place in extension of your night fasting because Yeah, and that's another point that she is bringing up to the table now for me because I have I want to really get rid of a Some kind of stubborn fat, especially in the belly area And she introduced the opportunity of Intermittent intermittent fastening fasting for me I Must say it's not something that I have considered so far because I'm a person if I don't eat In the morning, I don't feel comfortable So I did some research today and Overall, it sounds it sounds pretty interesting So she recommended to start maybe 2 times per week with a 12 hour period of fasting Then increased the time up to 14 and finally up to 16 hours means if I would eat Late my mind my dinner let's say which I don't know how to do that because I usually work out in the evenings dinner at 7 that would be Around about 11 or 12 having breakfast I'm not sure if I am able to do that, but it's worth a try on So I was actually always someone who Who is against compete against fasting and I was wondering that she was bringing in to the table and she did also some Research and followed some some studies over the past years and this is something that she wants to recommend so what we did now we are coming up with a pretty strict regime of Doing four times per week intensive heat training, even if it's just for 10 or 15 minutes Which would be on the bike like a minute Give all you have and then 20 seconds pause another minute Give all you have and all you can and then pause for another 20 seconds as well as some Strong abdominal training workout exercises, which I will get into more details later this week especially hanging apps are extremely powerful and I have a device here since Three years already in my flat

I can I will show and introduce that to you So everything that has to do with weight and It's much more effective Than just like normal sit-ups Oh sit-ups with weight would be the one Exercise, that would be good for me Yeah, so I will look more into details of intermittent fastening I know that some people are doing this in the group here and I was always Had some negative thoughts about it, but I will definitely consider that now It was my share for today I hope you're all doing well, and I'm coming back tomorrow Bye



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