Dual N-Back Pro Brain Training App Review: Biohacking the Fronto-Parietal Cortex

Hi, this is Jonathan with Limitless Mindset This is my review of Dual N-Back Pro

So, this is the next level evolution of the Dual N-Back app, which has been demonstrated to have transfer effects to short-term working memory and importantly, to essential cognition tasks outside of the software brain training, which is what we want We don't do brain training and meditation merely to just become better at brain training and meditation in isolation We do it to become overall much more dynamic, mentally strong individuals in all aspects of life, right? So, I've been doing brain training for about three years and I've got quite good at it and I've reached as high as the seven back level in High IQ Pro and I'll regularly be in the five back brain training level However, I've found in Dual N-Back Pro, in the Emotional N-back mode, which is something new to me, I found that I can barely even reached the five back level The brain training app for cognitive capital A neuroplasticity hack that increases density of gray matter within 20 days of training Emotional Dual N-Back trains you to

become a robust gangster in life or in more scientific terms to reduce emotional reactivity Cognitive performance and factor tracking Brain training software demonstrated t have transfer effects to short term memory and essential cognitive tasks outside of software brain training Gamification feature Multiplayer modes The Emotional N-back is a hardcore excercise for your focus muscles It requires that you keep track of two pieces of data First is the position of the block or the face on the screen and the second piece of information is the color of the word that gets flash along with the block that's moving around on the screen An while you are doing this, you need to simultaneously ignore the emotional data, which is the emotional expresion of the block of the face as it moves around the screen and also the word that pops up with it, which will be things like love, rape, vacation, child, baby, family, mother, all these emotionally charged phrases So, what the app is kind of attempting to do is overwhelm you with emotional data that you need to very specifically ignore, so you can correctly mark and keep track on your working memory of the auditory and the visual data that's being presented to you

It's really a unique challenge You really need to try it for yourself, and the purpose of this is to become a more robust gangster at life as I like to say More specifically, in scientific terms, what this does is it reduces emotional reactivity and to clarify, this I will quote from a 2004 study of 97 human subjects Compared with controls, subjects who underwent working memory training, showed reduced anger, fatigue and depression Furthermore, working memory training reduced activity in the left posterior insula during tasks evoking negative emotion which was related to anger

It also reduced activity in the left frontoparietal area This findings showed that working memory training can reduce negative mood and provide new insight into the clinical applications of working memory training In a 2015 paper published in the journal Neuro Image, concluded that working memory training has a positive impact on anxiety because of how it recalibrates our emotional responses Our results showed that training related gains were associated with lower levels of trait anxiety at post vs pre intervention Our results demonstrate that adaptive working memory training in anxiety can have beneficial effects on attentional control and cognitive performance that may protect against emotional vulnerability in individuals at risk of developing clinical anxiety

This papers and others which you can find in the evidence section of the Dual N-Back Pro website, which I will link to in the description of this video, describe more in depth the benefits of developing this strong, heightened level of emotional and attentional control And I'll say that while it's useful in life certainly to at times be able to ignore emotional data, in general we want to be more empathic in life, right? Certainly, the geeks and the nerds that are going to be doing brain training, are probably the kind of people that could benefit from being a little bit more emotionally sensitive to those around them And so, I wonder if it would be equally benefitial to have a N-Back mode that focus on recording the emotional data as opposed to ignoring it The other day someone contacted me and they were asking me: 'Hey Jonathan, does your product Caballo biohack empathy?' No Not really

And I'll say the same for Dual N-Back After training with Dual N-Back for three years, now, I think its had a pretty neutral effect on my empathy If you really want to empathy biohack, 20 minutes of meditation in a day, actually demonstrated to accomplish that Although I will say that I think Dual N-Back has been quite good for my emotional life on a whole because it's allowed me to more consciously ignore negative influences and harness the power of negative thought as I desired In a recent placebo controlled study of 34 human subjects published in the journal of Neuro Science, draws the connection between brain training and effectively biohacking the prefrontal cortex

Humans vary enormously in their ability to keep a cool head in emotionally charged situations The capacity to remain goal-focused when selecting and executing behavioral plans in the face of affectively salient distraction is a marker of success across the spectrum of human endeavor, from vocational and academic achievement to well-being Recent advances in cognitive neuroscience suggest that enhancement of affective cognitive control may be established via targeted computarized training The key to this potential stems from reasearch indicating that affective cognitive control relies to a great extent on the same frontoparietal cortex which is fundamentally involved in the performance of well-established working memory tasks Researchers from Harvard, Stamford, and MIT, collaborated in a 2016 FMRI study which suggested that Dual N-Back is a true neuroplasticity hack that improves density of gray matter within 20 of consistent brain training

Working memory training is central to human cognition and intensive cognitive training has been shown to expand working memory capacity in a given domain Training resulted in substancial and task-especific expansion of Dual N-Back abilities accompanied by changes in the relationship between working memory load an activation These results provide insight into the adaptive neural systems that underlie large gains in working memory capacity through training About the functionality of the app The aesthetics are a major upgrade form previous Dual N-Back apps

Previously, I always thought that this apps felt really kind of amateurish and clunky, whereas the UI, the interface the swiping and all that jazz, the animations, the scrolling of this app is comparable almost with Lumosity I would say the sounds and animation when you do mismatch in the game are quite jarring and it really upsets the attentional resiliance challenge of the game itself It does sync in between Android, iPhone, Mac and PC and Dual N-Back Pro has this Gamification and Multiplayer features which allow you to challenge your friends to a Dual N-Back tournament or you can play each other 1 on 1 to try to gain, to try to steal from each other in-game credits, which is pretty cool You are, of course, welcome to challenge me to a Dual N-Back duel

What you'll need to do is going to the settings of the app and synchronize it with your Facebook account and you'll need to send me a friend request on Facebook, I'll have a link where you can do that When you send me a friend request, please send me an accompany message just saying 'Hey Jonathan, I want a Dual N-Back duel with you, man I think I can take you down! I know you're on like eight different types smart drugs, but I want to see what you got!' Send me a message like that, otherwise I may just ignore your friend request as I receive so many! And then, in the app, invite me to play with you I do have to deduct one star from my review because of a bug with the sound You have to connect to Wi-Fi or data while you're using the app so that it can synchronize your scores and your performance with your account in the cloud

And a lot of times I receive a text message or a mobile notification on my phone while I'm playing and not only is this distracting, but what it does is that actually breaks the sound for the duration of the Dual N-Back session And this isn't really a big problem because I've been doing it in the Emotional N-Back mode where the sounds you don't actually have to keep track of so it's kind of annoying, you could say debatably that it adds to the mindfulness challenge of the game You're just 'Oh my Gosh! I just got a notification, but I have to stay focused on my brain training' What I have notice is that, if I receive a notification within the session, if I exit the session and I exit the app, it says 'You'll forfeit this session Do you want to forfeit?' I say 'Yes, I do'

If I exit it and then I go back in, it actually saves my progress up to that point and then the sound works again So, it's not like my brain training session is completely ruined if I receive a notification during it, but it's just kind of an annoying thing I actually have the same problem with my meditation app Sometimes I would forget to put my phone into airplane mode before I lay down or sit down to do my daily meditation and then I'll get a text message or a phone call or a notification of an Airbnb thing in the middle of a meditation session and isn't there a way that the developers of these apps can block notifications from other apps during the 10 to 30 minutes a day that I'm devoting to mindfulness? During that time, I would really prefer to not have beeping, chiming, ringing notifications going off around me but I supose if I really want to get away from technology during that period, during 20 to 30 minutes of mental sanctuary, perhaps I should just go completely low-tech and stare into a flickering flame or something like that Dual N-Back is the gateway drug to meditation About five years ago, after reading some personal development books I tried unsuccessfully both self-hypnosis and meditation So I got some of these self-hypnosis audio programs where you lay down and there's someone with a really soothing voice just telling you 'Imagine that you're on a white beach all alone and then you're just watching the surf coming and go out'

And then they try to talk you into an unconscious state 'You're getting very, very tired, you can feel all the stress just leaving your body as you get more and more tired' And then you're supposed to go unconscious and the guy says nice things to you 'You're a confident person' 'People like you'

'People are attracted to you' 'You're good enough' My problem was that my mind is just way too active and I was not actually unconscious when I was supposed to be, and I would just get irritated and really self-critical Same thing with meditation and eventually I concluded that this is just not for me But luckily I found Dual N-Back which has trained my focus muscles

Its trained me to an emotionally compartament life and it's drastically improved my attentional control and I went back and I tried meditation again and I found it still challenging but refreshing and enjoyable Now I meditate 20 minutes a day quite consistently and so I really highly recommend now to everyone who wants to habituate meditation to do Dual N-Back for at least like two or three weeks before starting a meditation practice on short term memory For me, the most noticiable effect of working memory training is on my web development So, web development is a consonant working memory challenge and in a given time, there are at least several different CSS, PHP or HTML files that I'm switching between editing, reading, documentation or instructions or conjecture on how to correctly give them to output what I want I'm checking e-mails, I'm checking SEO audit reports while constantly checking the front of the website

You know, a website is like a grand formula and it's the job of the developer or the programmer to at any given time be juggling like five to ten different variables in that formula to try to produce the result desired I'll notice that if I cycle off a brain training, I'll start to kind of drop these variables that I'm mentally juggling in my web development work, and I'll more frequently that I'm comfortable with, kind of have like start back at the top, right? I'll have to go back and refer back to where I'm at on my Evernote project managemente file However, I found that if I'm brain training real consistently I'm able to stay on top of all of these variables consistently and that results in me being more productive and getting things done a whole lot faster Like one time I took a piece of CSS that I needed and put it into a PHP file which is kind of a rookie web development mistake and I was like 'Oh! That was dumb, that's not something that Jonathan, the Biohacker should be doing' and that was the kind of mistake that I don't make if I'm brain training consistently Some other examples of working memory: I was at a friend's penthouse party and I needed the Wi-Fi password and it was one of these long, complicated passwords and then I actually told him and put in my phone connected and then about 45 minutes later, someone else asks what the Wi-Fi password was and I was able to tell them just from memory and everyone was pretty impressed

I also noticed that using Dual N-Back you'll be better at remembering people's names that you meet at parties I also mention finally, you know, I've been traveling and living in different cities and countries around the world for a couple of years now and one thing that I'm really proud of that I always knock on wood; I, well, this is made of glass, is not wood, but I always knock on wood There's wood over here, so I'll knock on that is that I've yet to lose a key while traveling

You know how, when you check into a new hotel or whatever, they're like 'Here's the key, if you lose this little key, we're gonna charge you 25 freaking Euros' They really gauge you if you lose a key and I'm proud to say that, in all these years, I've never lost a key, which speaks to my short-term memory and I have been using Dual N-Back for the majority of the time that I've been traveling You can find this app on Google Play and Apple iTunes I encourage you to not even pause this video, I encourage you to open up Google Play or Apple iTunes on another tab right now and just start downloading this app It does have a

pretty good, pretty generous free demo, where you can try out everything that I'm been describing here and then kind of how it works is that, if you want to play a whole lot more, if you want to play in the substancial amounts that I think are really necessary to experience the IQ games, to experience games in fluent intelligence, working memory that I've been talking about here, you'll have to buy some in-game credits and what I'll encourage you to do is to use my coupon code which you'll see here or in the video description and then it'll give you a little bit of a discount and it will also give me some credit which I appreciate And finally, worth of mention, is that it seems like ocassionally you'll see these news stories come out, where theses news anchor, talking head journalist try to demonize brain training and then it'll say 'These people are never done brain training' 'Oh! brain training is totally useless' If you share a little bit of scepticism because of that, I'll encourage you to go check out the evidence section on the Dual N-Back Pro website, and this page has a lot of information

It's really detailed, it's really thorough, it has dozens and dozens of references to high quality human placebo-controlled stuides where they demonstrate using humans in a lab, using a double-blind placebo controlled methodology of study where they show that there is long-term and short-term benefits from brain training And I hope you don't buy the negative, the demonizing that the mainstream media likes to do about brain training I hope that you do just a little bit of research on your own on this topic Go over there, get into the evidence section of the Dual N-Back Pro website Check out that section and then go and take some action in biohacking your own working memory

Again, I'm Jonathan with Limitless Mindset, go ahead and hit the Subscribe button now on this video and I look forward to a continue conversation with you This video series is going to present some cutting-edge Biohacking tecniques



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