Experimenting with Biochip Implants

The human body is failing in almost every way I want to be able to be thousands of years old I do not wanna die I can not imagine anyone would want that

Hackers not only infiltrate our communication systems but also our body Regardless of regular medicine

biohackers seek out the limits of evolution I am in Essen to meet biohacker Tim Cannon Tim is going to have a chip implanted in his forearm

with which he can store and send his own biometric data I want to know if this technology will bring us closer to an era in which everyone can be a cyborg I'm Tim Cannon I am co-founder of Grindhouse Wetware We are biohackers

We build devices that are integrated into the human body With a do-it-yourself approach we try to bring about the meeting of people and machines This is the Circadia, he is, uh Pretty big Once this chip is implanted what are you going to do with it? Because he is now mainly reading data about my body temperature

am I going to use that data to find out what causes my body temperature to rise or fall I also think I will adjust him that he sends me a text message when I get flu

I will dim the light As you can see here gives the software values ​​for different signals and where these are measured

And this works on every Android system? So I could download this on my phone and hacking your arm in passing? Yes, that is absolutely true Many people ask me too

if I'm not afraid of that Not really I am a hacker myself, and I make something like that

which is very nice and hopefully the fantasy of people can start Tell me something about the procedure Yes, I have this tattoo here

and a slice is made underneath My skin is lifted and cut off from the fat tissue Then the chip is inserted

and the skin sealed Is not that going to hurt tremendously? Yes, that is really going to hurt a lot We are not going to use an anesthetic

I go, as they say in the piercing and bodymod community I'm going to do the raw dog So there we go

This is my arm Tim and I are going to the Body Modification Conference Here I meet Steve Haworth who will implant the chip in Tim's arm As a Flesh Engineer he has been working in the scene for about 20 years now

and he is a true legend here How did your collaboration with Tim come about? How did you meet him? Tim sent me an email and asked me if I could do this surgery I said that that is possible under certain circumstances We discussed it with the food Five months later he sent me the first prototype

There are almost no doctors who do what I do In America you can not change the body in a way that society not as normal or desired

Making such big breasts may be but with all other interventions you lose your license as a doctor This is the first non-medical computer chip

that was ever made If we put the chip will as such go into history What Steve and Tim are doing here seems at first glance maybe not so spectacular but their do-it-yourself approach makes them even more radical than what is normally considered science fiction Tim's chip is currently being implanted

The only ones present in the procedure Tim, Steve and Steves are assistant I'm curious if they

will get the result what they have worked on for so long I wanted to talk to Tim right after his operation so I wait for him in the lobby of his hotel

Hey, how is it? How are you? How did it go? It went well A lot of pain He is pretty big As we expected Of course there are some folds in the skin here

Here on the side, where the seam is But it is sealed Do you want to see what it can do? Yes of course

Show what he can do Have a look Okay, I'm connecting Ensure that it can connect The connection has been made

I will turn on the light Can you show me how the data is sent? That goes via Bluetooth, right? Yes correct I will connect again There you already have some data And more That is incredible Here you can see a temperature measurement but now it is still empty That is because he works with an interval The measuring equipment switches on every few minutes This saves energy

He thus measures my temperature over a period of time That's pretty cool because then you can make charts and tables with it, for example

You seem pretty lively How did the operation go? Are not you exhausted? I'm exhausted But I am also full of excitement and adrenaline My body is totally upset For my body it is as if I have just been stabbed several times

As if I have been on some kind of medieval battlefield My body is in a sort of "yo, problems" – state Are you now a step closer to a full cyborg? Yes, a small step closer And I'm happy about that People like Tim see the experimental progress of evolution

as a do-it-yourself task In the face of the increasing importance of data, quantification and self-improvement in our society it remains an important question

who decides what a body can do and what human existence is all about The medical industry really believes that it is unethical to try to overcome your physical limitations

Is not that strange? I would like to correct some of those defects I think that's the best strategy to conserve consciousness in the universe



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