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when I first started the fire service, having dirty gear and a dirty helmet was almost looked at as a trophy It was a rite of passage I’ve come out of burning buildings with the soot, the dirt under the nose and ears we didn’t know back then that it was harmful I know of at least 7 firefighters that I work with in Huntley who have had cancer it scares me that I’m 44 and who knows when it’s going to happen Firefighters are sick of seeing other Firefighters dying before they’ve even had a chance to do their job as long as they wanted to A few years back we had a local doctor come in, Dr

Ryan Felde, he shared a very personal story with us in regards to his daughter and her fight with cancer The biggest thing I would love for the firefighters to know is that their mindset has to change It is basic physiology, whether you want to look at study's or just basic grey's anatomy, we know one of the ways our body eliminates toxins is through sweat My daughter had a problem with detoxifying; so we found the safest, most effective way to do that, was going to be with a sauna Sunlighten was something we were super comfortable with – the quality of the equipment, the patented solocarbon heaters, from top to bottom

I meet 2 or 3 people a week that have been diagnosed with cancer It is humbling from one perspective that they've seen me on this journey with my daughter and they trust me with their health The department has a cancer policy, we decon on scene, come back, take a shower, go in the sauna for about 30 min, go in the shower and we are back on duty

When we started looking into infrared saunas, Sunlighten was the only one that’s medical grade Sunlighten doesn't utilize any other equipment for their sessions They are designed for passive sweating There are so many benefits to using the Sunlighten sauna There are so many benefits to using the Sunlighten We find that our members are sleeping better at night, they are more relaxed throughout the day, they're eating better, skin is better, they are not as sick as often

Before Sunlighten we would have a fire, come back, and we would smell the smoke for about a week After buying the Sunlighten, we would take a sauna and that night we would not smell the smoke on our body One of the things that I’ve noticed first hand with our membership they were using a white towel and wiping the sweat from their skin and that white towel was getting tinged brown Wiping my sweat off and seeing it was brown was a wow factor It's not just sweat

These are guys that showered before they used the sauna For some of the skeptics out there that are waiting for the science, I respect that Maybe science will show it in 20 years; I might already be dead at that time I would say to the skeptical guys I was there, I was one of them, I was bullheaded and I’ve changed knowing what I’ve seen the saunas do for us The way I look at it, if it can increase your chances to live that live of when you're 85 and walking down the beach with your spouse, versus being 50 and in pain, it's a no-brainer

To sit back and not want to take action against the #1 killer which is cancer, doesn't make any sense



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