First Time Chicken Manchurian & Vegetable Rice-Chinese Chicken Recipe-Sweet & Sour Chicken

In this video i will give you detailed step by step guid to make manchurian and veg fried rice all the ingredients and the procedure specially for those who are making it first time

Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking those who are watching my video first time, i am farah and cook simple easy recipes i have also started a new series of only ingredients to save time to gey all the amazing and easy recipes hit the subscribe button and the bell icon after 2 hours add corn flour and all purpose flour to the chicken

heat oil and fry chicken bytes i am shallow frying it instead of deep frying fry on medium low flame dish out when fried fry it in badges now we will make the gravy for the chicken

take one tbs oil and add garlic add green onions add ketchup and chili sauce add sauce add sauce add sauce add vinegar add chicken stock or vegetable stock add red chili powder, black pepper add little way more water if it seems thick bring it to boil and add chicken you will add chicken add the time you are going to serve it if you are not serving right now, then turn the flame off and put the gravy on the side these steps you will do when you are serving the dish

add 2 tsp corn flour dissolved in water, you can adjust the thickness cook for 3, 4 minutes and its done now we will cook vegetable fried rice take 1 tbs oil and fry vegetables take 1 tbs oil and fry vegetables add green onions and cabbage add boiled and chilled rice add soy sauce mix well and rice are ready mix well and rice are ready

now just lick your fingers while enjoying this treat to get more detailed recipes subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon like this video and share it



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