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Everything is sterile We put a sterile drape The injection syringe is inserted into the skin Yeah, you can see the small scar here So the skin is lifted like this the injection syringe is inserted and then the chip is put here oh it's a false one but the chip is put here and then the injections syringe is taken out These implants, they are two millimeters in diameter and twelve millimeter long so when the injection syringe is retracted from the skin then

the chip implant remains under the skin andthis way, you can see it's a little RFID tag Radio Frequency Identification Tag I don't enter a code because anyone can look over my shoulder and see what code I'm entering I don't use fingerprint because everything I touch I leave my fingerprints so that's not secure either So I scan, for example, this implant and I can unlock the phone and the these implants they also have some data storage so when I scan the implant you get my contact details like: phone number, email address

Hacking is a way of life for many it's a hobby or their profession Hackers they try to to make the world a better place to make the world safer and more secure

I'm a hacker, also a biohacker because I hack my own body with implants and biohacking is a way of hacking because i hack my body with implants to to add more sensors or to add more functionality or with this implant with more security and privacy I visit these hacker conferences since 2001 and in December 2010 there was a lecture by Lepht Anonym and Lepht Anonym gave a lecture called: "Cybernetics for the masses" and Lepht explained that if you have a magnet implant and a magnet implant is in the fingertip yeah, then

when the magnet is near a magnetic or electromagnetic field In this flashlight there's a strong magnet, so when the magnet is near a strong magnetic field then the magnet, of course, reacts and you can see it in the fingertip you can see how the magnet is moving then I can feel how the magnet is moving so it's a new sense; a sixth sense I went to a piercing studio but they wouldn't put the magnet in the fingertip they wouldn't do it so I decided to try it myself and I didn't have the proper materials in 2011

I didn't have local anesthetic, I didn't have a scalpel so I put it in the back of my hand instead And that went fine it didn't hurt as much as attempting to put it into the fingertip You know when I attach this matrix and LED and a magnet I can attach it to my hand and then I have a light at night instead of holding a flashlight a very still light I have magnet implants in these four fingertips both index fingers and both ring fingers Beside these five magnets I also have

nine chip implants they look like like this like this chip implant and I have nine chip implants because there are different radio frequencies I use this one to unlock my car I use this one to unlock my phone or the front door at home I put this one myself RFID tag so you can only see the scar here This one I use to open parking lot and also to gain access to the office building I have one here this is the PAT ID tag with temperature reader I also have one here it's a this is a prototype ofa VIVO key implant it's called Basically, this is a smart card so, this supports cryptography I can demonstrate this When

when I scan this implant I can generate authentication tokens with, near field communication NFC Ah ok, now it generated an OTP code One Time Pat code so when I login to, for example my e-mail account and it will ask for username, password and as a second factor it will ask for the OTP code and this code is only valid a couple seconds until the bar is empty then this code is not valid anymore and I have to generate a new code This offers more security because username and password can be guessed by criminals but, yeah, only this implant can generate this code All my implants, they are all passive there's no battery inside them so, it only becomes active when it is near the electromagnetic field from a reader like this smartphone

And you can see on the tag when it's reading for for an implant or card or a keyphone There are NFC appslike an XP tag Widor app and I can use this app to read or write information on the implant I don't have to take implant out of my body to read or write it I can just load a business card or a text or for example some people they put medical data if they have any allergies or if they have medication or contact details in case of emergency it certainly, it was also in the news an American company they offered their employees implants instead of access cards because cards can be forgotten or lost and implants are always under the skin they don't move around they I always bring my hands with me when I go somewhere so I never forget my keys





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