Good morning friends, I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world Today I want to do a food prep video I woke up and thought, today I do, today is the day Well, here we are I've had a lot to do with food preparation lately I found out that I can not stand some things All in all, I felt pretty confused all the time When I prepared my food, I felt like I was constantly in the kitchen And food preparation had a lot to do with it So I want my fridge full of simple healthy things And that they promote my health To those who are new to my channel: I am not a vegan I eat quite vegetable, quite simply I try to avoid dairy products and other animal products when I am at home When I'm on the road, I'm more of a classic vegetarian But when I'm at home, I try to structure my meals And rich in protein, rich in healthy fats and less starchy carbohydrates to eat I have noticed that this is good for my stomach and I feel better I just try to avoid flour products The whole thing just does not work for me So I try to get my energy from healthy fats instead of carbohydrates So and that is the basis for what it should go in my video Let's look in the fridge What I'm probably going to do, I have a cauliflower here that I want to process into cauliflower rice So maybe let's make cauliflower rice And whatever I want to do are banana muffins Because I have a few blueberries and there are a few bananas who are ready to be destroyed I did not joke, they are ready First of all, I switch my oven to 350 degrees Before we go on there's something I have to tell you I do not use any recipes You always ask me about the recipes when I post something on Instagram And I just like this: It was the recipe with five ingredients and then I made 50,000 ingredients There is always a substitute or an ingredient that you do not have at home More than you could actually replace So I actually use recipes just as a guide So these are the wet and dry ingredients that I need But I just change that as I need it So I start and have a bowl here and take my egg set first And I like to use the egg set first, so I can just mix it in the bowl How do you use this stuff? It is a powder You put something in your bowl and mix it with some water Ca 1 tablespoon for an egg So here's a tablespoon for an egg two eggs and three eggs Now add some water to make it a kind of paste And now I know, many of you will say, "But I do not like ripe bananas" And what I'm going to say is: YOU MUST! Because we will not use refined sugar So you're going to use the ripe bananas because they're just a lot sweeter than regular bananas And if not, you would have to use sugar, which is not what we want mmmmmh, crushed good stuff I now add a tablespoon of coconut oil a dash of vanilla Grab a smaller bowl 1/2 cup chickpea flour mixed with 1/2 cup almond flour a few tablespoons of flaxseed powder Flax seeds are great, they are rich in iron and have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids Something good that you can give to your pastries Or to your granola, or yogurt Then about 3/4 tablespoon of baking soda a little sea salt some nutmeg some cinnamon So now I have my wet and dry ingredients And my biggest tip, if you make any muffins does not touch too much The recipe will tell you to add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients But I do my dry in the wet ingredients because I am a rebel That's why I always do it around and see how that works First half A few blueberries Ca 1/4 cup hemp hearts, clear, pure with it and now the rest of our mix So and now spoon into the muffin mold Alright, we're ready for the oven I simply put the walnuts on top of it Of course you do not have to You can take seeds if you have a nut allergy How is that going if you're allergic to nuts, are you allergic to seeds? I do not think so, but who knows I do not know anything about allergies But you can give whatever you want to your muffins You make your muffin as you like your muffin ok, do you hear? I will leave it in for about 15 minutes I think it will be 18 minutes, but I look after 15 minutes If you're new to vegan baking or cooking or you just want yours Screw protein intake into the meals a little bit A wonderful way for this are hemp hearts, which I have also given in the muffins They are awesome, they have so many Omega 3 and 6 many healthy fats and above all, they are rich in proteins There are 10g protein in 3 tablespoons what a hell of a lot are for a vegetable source And they are also a great source of healthy fats They help you to satiate longer Accordingly, I would definitely recommend you to look at the whole thing If you have the opportunity to get them They are amazing Anyway, they are one of the protein sources in my muffins The other protein source is the chickpea flour that has 21g of protein per cup Chickpea flour is really a great alternative to regular flour Normally you should mix this with another type of flour Earlier, I mixed it with almond flour because the chickpea flour is quite powerful And it makes everything you cook with it pretty heavy and powerful if you do not use anything else to mix it up The last source of protein in my muffins was the flaxseed meal Flax seeds are great They have a lot of iron, magnesium They have a bit of protein You have 4g of protein per 1 1/2 tablespoons it also has omega-3 and they are a good source of fiber So that's a great choice too to use it in muffins, on your cereal, or whatever or whatever you can sprinkle with little things They definitely help to increase the micronutrients I had to come and say hello

You look so cute Hello my Baby Do you have a good morning? Let's go out for a walk later You want to give someone a baking tip? Do you want to tell them? into the camera? No, I want to stretch !!! Lola's baking tip is that every oven bakes a little bit differently So you just have to watch your stove Like a pig, because you never know when it's done So always stay close and do not start reading a book or watching TV or run away every time I did that, everything is burned look at this happy tail You are so happy Alright, now I'll clean up my kitchen first because it looks pretty messy and then I'll see how much time I have left because Katy wrote to me She wants to go to the yoga class and I would love to go along So I'll go with her into the yoga class and then vorberetiten my remaining food But first look how much time I have left They smell pretty good ook let's clean up I love you and I'll be back home soon The yoga class was sooo good I love the teacher, she has a crazy taste in music Sometimes you have a teacher whose music just annoys you and you think super melodic EDM chill beats I liked it very much The first thing Katy said when we went out was: that was really good music And I only: right Hello, I'm back home again I took a shower and now look fresher than a few seconds ago And I have a tea for my next Foodprep day By the way, this tea is fantastic It's a twinnings' chamomile, vanilla and honey It's super good, I can only recommend it Anyway, we're making cauliflower rice now Glen and I are always doing that lately It's so easy and so much better than eating normal rice The best thing about the cauliflower rice is that you can prepare it as you like with the vegetables you like or you have in the fridge Try it, you can use up everything that needs to go So here I have my cauliflower and have already cut away the green stem I have another piece of pepper, Brussels sprouts and a bit of coriander here and a big head of red cabbage I am not sure how much I use of it but definitely something like that Today I use black pepper for the spices

some vegetable salt and at the moment I love Garam Masala, I think that's how it is pronounced that's great it is a kind of Indian spice It's so good, I can only recommend it to you I also add some turmeric as well as a lot of dishes that I've cooked lately I do not really like the taste of turmeric but it is insanely anti-inflammatory and especially for my gut That's why I try to include all this in my meals a bit I add some basil and I will use coconut oil just as the oil that I use We always use our blender to make the cauliflower rice but you can also, as they say, use a planer a cheese slicer or something but honestly, I think that will take forever and I'm personally scared of those planes because I once scrubbed my fingers on it, then the skin was open and that has happened to me too often So SHOOT DRAUF I will use a mixer The secret in this, especially vegetables, to mix very finely, is the vegetables before completely covered with water, so that everything gets better at the blades So you get a very flat, rice-like consistency So what we do now is to make the cauliflower and the red cabbage and cover them completely with water And then everything in the blender ready? Okay, I should turn it on first, that was damned dramatic Most of the time, I always use a pounder to push everything down So in my sink I have a sieve here Now I put a clean towel in here purple soup I do it on two trucks, I have a lot in my blender And I want to make sure that I have enough space on the sides to squeeze out the excess water You should push out as much water as possible I sometimes turn it a bit and then press So everything is in the pan I like to give the Brussels sprouts and the red pepper at a different time because I like the different consistencies and sizes The cabbage takes a little longer, so it stays a bit crunchier but I kind of like that, that's why I do it that way I'm sure you have everything in the blender I mix everything in a bit now then I put the lid on it and let it cook for a while This is cooking now Let me tell you again, you do not have to give any vegetables to the cauliflower rice if you do not want to If you want ordinary cauliflower "white rice" do not give anything more I personally like to add some vegetables to it, otherwise it would be very monotonous I also wanted to say that if you do a lot, you can freeze it all up Sometimes I make 3 or 4 heads of cauliflower just to keep them out of the way and then you have it in your freezer, ready to eat that's really great Oh and if you are really lazy and you have a Costgo supermarket nearby they have cauliflower rice So if you want to make it a little easier, just go there and buy it I wanted to say that Alright, as long as that cooks, I'll clean the kitchen I let this cook for about 8 to 10 minutes If you leave the lid on, it will logically cook faster Sure, it keeps the heat in it The only problem is that a lot of condensed water is created

Accordingly, all the water remains in it So I take the lid off the last 5 minutes and let out air and "breathe" it And so it will hopefully be a bit crispier Ok, we'll see you soon So how was your walk? Did you have fun? Did you have fun? Yes, you wanted to go home I'll take off the lid now And let it continue to simmer You can hear it, it cooks nicely It was about 8 minutes on the stove I now add the coriander and a few of the spices I'll show you it smells so good I left the whole thing to roast for 1 2 minutes I love it, it's such a simple dish You do not have to prepare much and you can clean what you want You can use whatever is in your fridge as long as you have a cauliflower let's go a cauliflower and some oil and a pan I have not used Indian spice or turmeric for a long time Instead, I did it with garlic, or so I had a very mild base if I have that with a curry, or a vegetable pan, which already has some kind of sauce then that did not change the taste of this sauce But now I wanted to do something that tastes good to itself That's what we will work with The turmeric has given the whole a nice yellow color I let it cool a little in the pan now Then I put it in a few boxes for the fridge I think I only have 2 boxes left, so I'll probably put it in a bag and freeze it and yes, that's how you make cauliflower rice or my version of cauliflower rice a few ideas to eat If you are so that you like it, whatever I do with it eat it with everything you would eat normal rice with I love to eat this rice with a lot of greens, something like a salad And then maybe some lentils or chickpeas or if I still have some hemp hearts over, I would give them one more Excuse me It's a simple way to get a little extra protein with the meal, which otherwise has little protein Yes, I like to eat salad or wherever there is rice, or you could eat it with pseudo meat for someone who likes that and vegetables that you have at home There are so many possibilities you could make a breakfast bowl with it, endless possibilities Honestly, this is one of the dishes that you can change as you need it I want to encourage you to experiment a bit more with your food and to use what's in your fridge and try new stuff, because

there is so much you can do with it, except the conventional way of cooking And somehow I've always tried to work with the conventional, but that's the way anyone can do it So please try it out So that's it from me, I hope you liked my video I have not made a simple Foodprep video on this channel for a long time So I hope you enjoyed it Please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to chat a bit so write me a comment and please do not forget to rate the video, it really helps me especially in the days of Clickbait titles and annoying guys, whoever these people are It really helps if someone rates my videos, so I would be really happy So I leave you now, have a nice day, see you bye



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