How To Make Coffee On The Road – Dave Asprey

– I'm Dave Asprey here in Boulder, Colorado I'm gonna tell you how to brew coffee on the road without any special equipment

Why do I do this instead of just getting coffee on the road? Because Bulletproof Coffee beans are lab tested and specially processed to be free of toxins It's totally changed the way I travel because I feel better, and I perform better when I drink really good, clean coffee Go to the local thing at your hotel or wherever you are, and say, "I'd like a cup of hot water please" All you need to do is have your Bulletproof Coffee beans ground up ahead of time You can get them pre-ground

I like to do a fine espresso grind, and I carry mine in old KetoPrime containters This is just ground coffee Pour it into an empty cup, add your hot water, which is gonna mix it up nicely, and magically with one or two stirs, you wait four minutes Tap the cup a few times on the side, and all the coffee grounds will drop to the bottom When you're down, you just pour the perfectly, clean, cleared filtered coffee out of this back into the original cup, and you've got fresh brewed coffee



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