I Don’t Like Bulletproof Coffee, So I Drink This Instead

Sebastian: Alright The camera is running

Let's see what beautiful drink we are going to explore today Josh: Thanks, Sebastian This is the mocha frappuccino No, frappuccinos are cold right? So we got the mochaccino The Detox Dudes Mochaccino here

It's a take on bulletproof coffee but I don't drink coffee so this is my own little spin Basically, what we have here is yerba mate which has caffeine but pretty small amounts and it's really clean form of caffeine So it doesn't get you too jittery I'm super sensitive to caffeine I maybe have one or two of these mates per year

So most of the time, I'm just using like a cinnamon tea So a cinnamon tea does the trick Yerba mate, in my opinion, tastes the best Sebastian, you can you can vouch for me on that one He's drinking one right now

And also you can do it with coffee which is also delicious and if you don't like regular coffee, try decaf coffee Alrighty So I don't even I don't like coffee altogether It just doesn't make me feel good even decaf coffee So I just use mate or cinnamon tea

Alright next we will pour it into my Magic Bullet Now, if you're using freshly steeped tea super hot, I don't recommend using the plastic blender to do this in This has been sitting out for a little while so I'm going to put it in the plastic ideally you just use a glass blender and like super hot water because the hotter this beverage is, the better it tastes So yeah So it's still pretty hot but like I said not ideal with the plastic

Put a Garden of Life protein powder just a couple couple little teaspoonfulls of this You don't need much Use about a tablespoon to two tablespoons of coconut oil or MCT oil, whichever you prefer Heaping tablespoon of ghee or grass-fed butter, either will do the trick Some cinnamon, put as much cinnamon as you want and a little bonus: Jing Herbs Awaken the Shen, which is a really amazing formula for lifting the spirit and opening the heart

It's one of my favorite herbal formulas of all time actually and I'm not going to be able to use this spoon because it's dirty but basically just use a teaspoon of this This is a bonus You don't need to add it in but it makes it a really good filling and feel good drink So the fat will keep you full If you are just trying to be ketogenic, then you would avoid the protein powder because it does have some carbs and you would avoid yeah that's the only one you would avoid

There's another little thing you can add is manuka honey into this mixture and manuka honey would make a taste amazing But of course, it's not ketogenic So it's all up to you Blend this bad boy up and we have a frothy hot morning beverage ten times better than coffee and it is super nutritious and delicious I've been having this every morning for a week now

It's incredible



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