I tried out intermittent fasting

Yoo-hoo, it's your girl Kat What's up? So I'm thinking for this video What I really wanted to do is start like taking you guys along with different experiences Testing them out and then you guys know what's good So today I'm thinking about doing intermittent fasting I've heard a lot of like good things about it a lot of benefits and People kind of see it more as like a lifestyle more than like a diet

So So I'm thinking I'm gonna take you guys along with me for like a week and you know, it's show you what I think about it and if I like it if I think it's like a good alternative way of eating so I'm about to go into work right now Alright, you got all my meals with me cuz it's kind of like a crazy day today so I'll take you guys along with me and show you I'm like when I start to break my fast and All that so So I wanted to explain a little bit like what exactly Was going on earlier, so I stopped eating last night at 10 o'clock So I broke my fast at noon today So I've been so I'd fasted for about 14 hours and A lot of things that I've heard is that women should try to keep their fast There's you know longer or shorter periods of time that you can you can keep your eating periods And so I'm trying to aim for 10 hours that I'll be eating for so if I start at noon then I just finish eating at 10 o'clock tonight Just because I'm kind of a later eater like I like to eat later on night I stay up kind of late and so it just works That's what works best for me So the whole way that I heard about intermittent fasting Was on the jewelry and podcast he had a doctor Come on named her name was I think it was dr

Rhonda Patrick In it, they referred to it as time restricted eating in the podcast they talked about how people think that they eat less than 12 hours a day and How that's not necessarily true in Reality people eat a lot more lot longer than 12 hours a day But how it's a lot better for your health and now there's just like a slew of health benefits for eating in shorter periods of time sort of shorter windows of time Both for like weight loss, but also just in general health benefits So I've always tried so since listening to the podcast which was I listened to a while ago since then I tried to Stay under twelve hours But I wanted to see How reasonable and like how feasible it was for me to do even a shorter period of time and so I heard that for women that it's best for your hormones if you keep it to 10 hours for men 8 hours is fine, but for women usually 10 hours So I'll link the interview down below if you guys want to listen to it I think it's super interesting super informative when one more side note I'm not doing this for like weight loss benefits If anything, I'm actually trying to gain weight right now, so something that is kind of hard about like this whole time stick to eating thing is that you only have a certain Number of hours in the day to eat and so usually people have a hard time like fitting and all their meals but for me I'm gonna try and stay that's consistent with that as possible because I'm actually trying to put on some mass right now so we'll see you about that, but Alright, I'm at the gym actually right now So I'm gonna go and kill this leg workout and then I'll catch you guys later All right, so this was one today I've been fasting for about 14 hours by the time I ate at noon for some reason I didn't record anything on Thursday But on Friday, I broke my faster on one because I'd been out late Advan out late the night before with friends getting drinks on Saturday I ate around 1:30 and then on Sunday my boyfriend had to go into the office So I went in with him and we just wanted some acai bowls to the office and ate together Hey guys, so I just finished my first week of intermittent fasting and All right, so despite what I thought it wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be It was relatively easy Okay So some of the things that you might not know that I experienced while I was doing the time restrictive eating Was first of all that it might be a little weird So for me, I work in an office and so I Decided to break my fast around noon every day but for the first four hours of the day My stomach was going ham you guys it was growling up a storm So that was definitely something that Kind of sucked and like it was a little weird, you know, all my co-workers came I started going off So another thing that you might want to keep in mind if you're doing this was that I had a really strict fast so what I did was I didn't eat so I I stopped eating at night and I don't know if How like toothpaste or brushing your teeth really affects so I don't really know how brushing your teeth might affect like your results I Never brush my teeth

I don't know if that would technically break my fast You know Hopefully it wasn't too bad Like for my co-workers know that so something else that I found really hard was fitting in The amount of food that I need to eat because like I told you guys at the beginning like I'm trying to put on mass so I liked trying to like eat and like calorics or I'm trying to eat in the caloric surplus so Something that was kind of hard was trying to fit in all my calories all my macros and in the day Like there's a couple days where I was like You know like three or four hundred calories under what I was supposed to eat I know one day I came home for dinner And I still have like a thousand calories left to eat So that kind of sucked It's kind of hard to fit in everything During the eight hour window that I set for myself Or no for the 10 hour window So honestly, I really didn't have any changes I even like took like a before and after video I measured myself and I didn't like lose any extra weight in like my midsection or Become more defined or anything like that, which I thought was gonna be the case, but that didn't happen at all So yeah, this is just my experience though You know if this is something that you're interested in or something that you wanna like explore more go right ahead It was interesting, but I don't think it's something that I would continue to do so yeah, let me know what you guys want to see I was thinking about doing like A challenge with my boyfriend or with my sister or something like that so if that's something that you just want to see then put a smiley face emoji in the comment section below and That way I'll know what exactly You guys are interested in seeing



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