Infrared Sauna Before and After – Are Infrared Saunas Easy To Assemble?

Title: Infrared Sauna – Are they easy to assemble? Infrared Sauna live demonstration Hi there and welcome In case you don't already know my name is Glen

I've been heavily rearching the sauna market for well over two years I've been writing about them for well over one year And while I get asked a lot of different questions from my readers, there's one that keeps coming up consistentlyIt goes something like, "Glen, you say a pre-fab Far Infrared Sauna is easy to assemble but, how easy is it really?" So instead of me continuing to try and describe the process, I thought I'd just take a few minutes and actually assemble one live so you can see it for yourself and decide how easy it really is For this demonstration I'm using a sauna from a company by the name of Vital Saunas

I chose this company because after lots and lots of research I believe these saunas will give you the best return on your investment They're great priced – they're top quality and the people at Vital Saunas truly cares about what their customers get and that they're pleased with their purchase It's what I use – It's what I have in my own home I use it everyday I recommend them to family, friends and all my readers

Having said that, let's get started Here's exactly what you get, delivered to your doorstep, from Vital Saunas It's two boxes, it's free shipping So I'm going to go ahead and unpack these two boxes now and we'll see you in just a second Ok, welcome back

We have just unpacked the two boxes that get delivered from Fedex So we have the bottom and the back now we're going to bring this side in There's grooves on the bottom (very simple) just tuck it right in the grooves And I know you can't see the latches in the back the way it connects, but you will when we get to the front It's all the same

They tuck right together There's a groove right on the right panel – it's tucks right in there It's very simple I did want to point out these plug ins get plugged in now But I wanted to show them to you

Before the bench and bottom heater was in there So you plug them in They tuck right there Now you have your bench the finished side goes out it's going to tuck right on here

Perfect, can't move anywhere Now we're going to grab our left panel And it's going to tuck right in there The three latches on the back will hold this side together So what I want to show you real quick is that this is actually the inside of the front

And you have a nice control where you can control everything from the inside as well as the out as you'll be able to see So we're now going to turn it around You have your control here on the outside You can use it that way, too Just going to bring it up

Get it positioned Three latches on each side snaps right together Locks it in tight And that is your front Now were going to move out of the picture and grab the top so you can see that

This is what the actual top looks like As you can see these are going to be your outside lights They're going to face this way This is all your controls And these easy snaps that will snap all the heaters together we'll show you how to do that

This is for your stereo/cd player back here And we'll take care of that in a second So this just goes up You'll notice there's little slots right here Your cords go right through there

When you do that it will lay flat Ok, we're back and now we have the top assembled And there are (how many Five?) – There's five plugs They're the easy plugs You just plug them into each other and that's it

You want to make sure when you're plugging them in together that they are well fastened together That's your power cord It just plugs into a regular old outlet Doo handle – go ahead and take it apart then we'll show you how to assemble it Very simple

You got two little spacers The unfinished side goes on the inside – with the unfinished spacer Finished spacer on the outside Now you have the top Very simple – there's four little nails holes

Once you get it up there you want to make sure the hole is in the back so you can put your power cord up and through and so your power cord will plug in on the back and it's not hanging over the side The last step is the stereo here's a little box You stick your stereo right in there There's going to be four little holes right here There's three little plugs right here

One goes here – there – and there Tucks right up in here Nice and sturdy there Four little screws two on this side two in the front Once you get two in it's nice and secure

You also get a little remote for your cd player/radio You can turn the volume down – adjust the volume Or whatever you want to do with it, it's just a small remoteThe last is the backrest It just sits in here

However you want to use/adjust it And that's it You plug it in and you're all set So thanks for watching and I hope this was helpful I'm back and when I shot the first video I wanted to shoot this short update video because there's a few things I forgot to mention

The first one is the very top panel is actually called a dust cover and I wanted to let you know that installing it is actually optional Although the top of your sauna may look much cleaner with it installed I prefer not to use it unless you're in a very dusty, dirty environment If you're not setting your sauna up there then don't worry about it Because actually when you put this on it traps heat around the power supply and the circuit boards

So that's the first thing, if you're not in a real dusty, dirty environment then leave it off The next thing we have is your oxygen ionizer with aroma therapy and what this does is freshens your sauna up and it also releases negative ions – it kills bacteria Installing it is super simple It comes with this and it comes with one fragrance And you can buy different fragrances whatever you prefer

What you do it take the back cover off like that You stick in your fragrance you put it back on and what it does is comes with two sticky's you peel them away and you can stick it right to your sauna Or you can actually use two little screws and screw it in But once you have your fragrance in – you'll come in and there's a plug right here you plug it right in I've already taken my sticky's off so it sticks right to there and you just push it

My suggestion is after every sauna use or two after you get done, turn it on for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes Then next time you come in you have a very fresh smelling sauna, bacteria killed and it will all be good So thanks for watching! 00:01 Infrared Sauna – Welcome 01:13 What you get delivered 01:24 Bottom Panel 01:52 Bottom & back panel 02:12 Right Panel 03:12 Three latches 03:26 Plug ins & bottom heater 04:07 Bench 04:27 Left Panel 05:20 Infrared Sauna front 06:21 Top of Infrared Sauna 07:45 Heater assembly 09:03 Door handle 09:48 Dust cover 10:05 Stereo/CD player 11:43 Backrest 11:58 Update 12:08 Dust cover not needed 12:40 Oxygen ionizer with aroma therapy 13:38 My suggestion



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