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Infrared Sauna Reviews: 4 Quick Ways to Weed Out the Good Infrared Saunas From the Bad 1) Does a company ask for your personal information before they even tell you the price of their saunas? If they do, I would immediately look elsewhere! Hereís whyÖ Itís almost certain that you will be ëhoundedí byÖ Several worthless emails Letters sent to your home AndÖ Constant annoying phone calls from shady salesmen bugging you at inconvenient times! If youíre like me you donít like to be forced into purchasing any item Giving out your personal information before even knowing what the cost of the sauna is, will most likely be something you regret

2) When you invest in a sauna it should includeÖ A lifetime warranty on all heaters and craftsmanship It should NOT come as an ìupgradeî or ìadd onî for more money A company that truly cares about the value youíre receiving and, takes pride in their saunasÖ Will always automatically include this at no extra cost 3) Itís a good idea to make sure an infrared sauna company has been in business for at leastÖ 5 years A lifetime warranty wonít do you a bit of good if the company is out of business 4) Most importantly: Do some quick (but effective) infrared sauna reviews research First, see if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Youíll quickly find most are not! Maybe they have something to hide? When youíre investing good money on any item (if youíre like me) you want it to be from an honest, reputable company, that past customers have good things to say about The BBB is a fast way to find that out! Google them: Go to Google and type in the specific company name Then attach words like Complaints Reviews Scams Another good place is: the Rip Off Report If you follow these few steps when doing your different infrared sauna reviewsÖ Youíll most likely invest in a really good one and do so in a lot less time Links and additional information for doing your infrared sauna reviews can be found below this video or in the description If youíre looking for more information about the infrared sauna be sure to check outÖ www

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