Intermittent Fasting Program! | Conclusion

Well, as we come to a close on our two week journey together learning about intermittent fasting, my hope is that you not only understand how beneficial it is to keeping you fit on the outside, but more importantly, fit on the inside You should be able to take this information and easily incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle

Whether you work a lot of hours or you travel a ton…This is a pattern of eating that you can do anytime, anywhere! Now, for those of you that have reached out to me and would like to continue working together, I would love the opportunity to keep going too I've got SO MUCH to teach you! Just Facebook Message me, and I'll give you more details and invite you into my 30 day accountability group starting at the beginning of the month As we continue working together, I'm going to share additional information on living a higher fat, moderate protein, and lower carb lifestyle We'll also completely hack our fat burning capabilities by incorporating the magic of intermittent fasting, eating a diet with ample fat, and just exercising 30 minutes a day And in doing all 3 of these together??? Wha! We'll have you exceeding your goals! Hey, I've got abs at 43 and after 2 kids

you can too! I think we've just uncovered the tip of the iceberg for you!! But regardless of your decision from here, I hope, at the very least that we remain Facebook friends, as it's my passion to always be spreading my love and knowledge of intermittent fasting and The MADE Diet lifestyle






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