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Your heart Kind of an important organ, right? Well, let me throw a statistic at you that just might blow you away

Increasing insulin sensitivity — which is good, right? — can reduce your risk of heart disease by 93% So if you'll allow me, I'd like to get on my soapbox just for a minute here But I have a question for you If excessive damage to the arteries from a poor lifestyle occurs, making it necessary for the body to distribute extra cholesterol through the bloodstream to repair these arteriesDoes it seem very wise to lower the cholesterol artificially with a drug, and forget about why it's elevated in the first place? Wouldn't it seem smarter to just reduce the need for the extra cholesterol, which is the poor lifestyle causing the damage? Now, the body is incredibly smart, and the increase in cholesterol and clotting factors in the form of white blood cells, is actually a very intelligent response to repairing arterial damage Now, it doesn't matter what drug you're taking for this condition If you don't escape the unhealthy lifestyle, then, guess what? It's over Sure, you can take a drug to lower cholesterol

You can take a drug to lower heart rate and blood pressure in the form of a beta blocker, and you can take a drug to thin the blood, and a drug to lower blood sugar You can be a part of a study that actually proves that by taking this cholesterol drug, your cholesterol indeed drops However you will never find a study that says it makes you healthier or increases your lifespan Now, why can't you find a study showing these pharmaceutical drugs increases lifespan and health? Because they don't exist Harmful lifestyle factors are the number one contribution to the development of cardiovascular disease, which is a leading cause of death worldwide

Traditional approaches of treatment have been proven ineffective in most people However, intermittent fasting has been shown to have a positive impact on heart health, and in the prevention of such risk factors And it's been shown effective against inflammation and oxidative stress, resulting in the prevention and the reversal of damaged arteries If you're looking for a lifestyle intervention that has research, and shown undeniable results for the prevention of heart disease, then you need to look no further than intermittent fasting



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