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– Hey guys, welcome This is Dr

Izabella Wentz, and today I've got a friend here with me – Yay! – Dave Asprey, so we're gonna be chatting a little bit about his new book, Head Strong, so for any of you guys that haven't heard about Dave Asprey, he is a really cool person, not just my friend, but– – Thank you – He actually has done some really cool things in the world Dave is one of the people that I actually ask for advice whenever I'm looking to try something like crazy and out there because Dave has probably tried it He is an official biohacker

He's the CEO of Bulletproof, a high-performance coffee and food company, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, host of the award-winning podcast, Bulletproof Radio You may have seen me on that If you guys are here, if you could let us know that you're watching and just say hello to us, so that we know that the audio is working and that we're not just kind of talking to each other, which is always fun – It happens, should we make this one get bigger so we can see more comments? Will it scroll down? Oh, it'll let us – Yeah let's do this

So we're really excited to be here with you guys Hello, Jody, nice to see you Dennis, hello, how are you doing? Oh, that's Melanie And then we've got Magdalena, we've got Amber, Ellen, so hi, guys Today we're gonna be talking a bit about brain fog, so what you may not know about Dave is he's not just the author of an amazing book called Head Strong

It just hit the New York Times – Woo-hoo! I just have to say, I hit New York Times one level below this amazing author right here, so she is number six this week, her second week My debut week, she kicked my butt So Izabella, high five We share the list

– Yes, well, I mean it's like when you're changing the world, it's like, people are gonna start recognizing and– – I can be a line behind you I'm very pleased to be in good company – Aw, you're so sweet So, I'm really, really excited Not a lot of people know this, that people know you as this biohacker, as this really smart person, successful, billionaire, all kinds of– – I'm so not a billionaire

They're calling me all sorts of weird things, but yeah, I'm so far – Some of them true – But one thing that people don't know is that you actually had Hashimoto's, which is why I like you One of the reasons why – Likewise, that's why you're cool

Anyone with Hashimoto's pretty much has to be cool It's a requirement – And you actually got your Hashimoto's into remission – It's gone – Yeah, so, one of the big challenges that people have with Hashimoto's is brain fog, and a lot of times, taking thyroid hormones can help, but a lot of times, we still feel like our head is detached from our bodies and you've been able to overcome that and you write about that in your new book called Head Strong

Can you talk about the connection between brain fog and thyroid and kinda your work with hacking the brain, and beyond? – Sure So I used to weigh 300 pounds, and it wasn't like 300 pounds like this, it was like 300 pounds like, blegh I couldn't see my feet Then I lost about 100 pounds of fat In my mid-twenties, I started having really bad brain fog, to the point I bought disability insurance, and my doctor couldn't help me, said my thyroid was fine, because they didn't know how to test for thyroid, and I ended up firing my doctor when he said vitamin C would kill me, and for four years, I studied a lot of functional medicine

We called it orthomolecular back then, the– – I remember that – Yeah, and for almost 20 years, I've been running an anti-aging research group So I learned what was going on, and I went on thyroid hormone, and it was like getting my life back I still would have brain fog, but it became manageable I started taking smart drugs, which, I still take smart drugs today, that have been really powerful for turning my brain on, but I was thinking about it backwards, 'cause I was thinking about, how do I go to the brain? You actually have to start at the energy at the very lowest level in the body, and thyroid is the thermostat for that

So, one of the reasons that I like hanging out with Izabella is that I know a lot about thyroid, and Izabella knows 10 times more than I do, so people are like, "Dave, what's going on?" And I'm like, "That's one I don't know, "you need to talk to Izabella" So, I can tell you, you will not function cognitively if you're not making enough energy In fact, all the systems in your body are reliant on these power plants in your body called mitochondria, and I'm gonna turn off that thing– – Oh yeah, it's saying hello to us So, yeah, and Dave's the key person that I ask when I'm trying to upgrade my performance, or I'm trying to get my brain to work better He's like my go-to person on that, where I'm like, "Hey, Dave, have you heard of this new thing?" What can I do to go from, I went from being sick to being normal, and now, Dave has helped me to get to the next level, where I'm actually, I can do a lot of different things that I wasn't able to do before, through his work

– It's a game-changer, and even once you fix your thyroid And so, I got rid of my antibodies, but I'm still on thyroid hormone I take a lot less than I used to, and through the course of writing Head Strong, and doing things to increase the function of these power plants in my cells, and we'll talk more about that, I was able to cut my already reduced dose of medication by 70% – That got my little antlers up – Yeah, I was frankly blown away

I started throwing off heat and I was actually getting signs of excess thyroid, like double heartbeats and sort of like, which was amazing because that happened over a relatively short period of time What Izabella has learned is every single thing, at least I think, there might be a few other hidden ones out there like unicorns or something– – Unicorn blood – Yeah, but every single thing that can trigger Hashimoto's, and talks about that so much, that you have to remove those things In my case, I lived in a house with toxic mold, and if you haven't seen my documentary on toxic mold, it's at MoldyMoviecom– – It's fabulous

– Oh, thank you – So many people have been helped by that – And it's one of those things where I felt a moral obligation, and I funded that film out of my pocket, and it's never been like a, it's not there as a business It's there because every doctor told me that nothing was wrong, was ignoring me, and they thought I was crazy pants because I had 10 things wrong with me And mold triggered that

And one of the things it does, it triggers gluten and casein sensitivity, and it causes adrenal autoimmune issues and it causes issues with your thyroid where you get Hashimoto's – Hashimoto's, for sure And Graves', too – I cut the grains, which also contain mold, as well as the bad stuff that's in grain in and of itself, and I lived in a clean environment, and I did all the other supportive things, and it helped me so much where I could clear up a lot of the brain fog But, I reached a new level over the last 15 years, and I've spent, at this point, more than a million dollars

You don't need to do that I am a professional biohacker I do this because the stuff that cost me $100,000, can you believe, $100,000? It's ridiculous I'd rather fund a scholarship and I'd rather spend $5 on the same thing, and it will get down to $5 Like, this is how innovation happens, like the very first cellphone was like the whole trunk of your car and it cost $50,000 and it was like $20 a minute, and now you can buy a cellphone for a buck

That's why I do what I do in Head Strong People who don't have Hashimoto's oftentimes have some thyroid disfunction, or they have other mitochondrial disfunction that's not from the thyroid The thyroid is set, right? The thermostat is set, right? You put food and oxygen in the body, but for some reason they lose electrons They're supposed to go into firing neurons Your head has the most mitochondria

Or into firing muscles, or pumping your heart, whatever It doesn't work right So, the leaking electrons cause inflammation which triggers autoimmunity, which can trigger Hashimoto's, but that lost energy is energy that you're not using to be yourself It doesn't go to willpower It doesn't go to any of these other things

It's just wasted And you can recapture that energy And, what I've been able to do, I have more energy and more focus and just more passion and more muscle, just more everything, than I've ever had in my life at this age, at 44, than I did at 24 And that's why I wrote Head Strong, because mitochondria are, they're an ancient bacteria in your body, 10% of your body weight, but there's a quadrillion of them They outnumber the bacteria in your gut by orders of magnitude, and they are ancient bacteria

They still act like ancient bacteria And they don't listen to you They listen to the world around you So like, the whole point of the book, and the point of a lot of Izabella's amazing book, too, is, what in the world around you is making you weak? Let's get rid of the kryptonite, and then let's do the things that make you strong And that's what's in Head Strong, is that combination

It's not just for Hashi's It's for anyone who wants to perform better I look at a lot of the research on neurodegeneration where we started looking at mitochondria I even looked at what's going on in your eyes Like, these glasses I'm wearing? Not because I wanna be like super fly

– Partially because you wanna be super fly – Alright, I did publish my first rap the other day I have no rapping skills, by the way, but anyway – I heard different – It was a spoof rap, but I really did record a rap just to put myself in an uncomfortable situation

But The glasses are an optical filter to lower the stress on the mitochondria in my eyes, because I want my brain to work well, 'cause I'm going on stage in front of hundreds of people in a little while here in Denver And, just changing the light you're exposed to can change your blood sugar levels the next day, can change how much deep sleep you get tonight

And I use this ring, this is a bio-monitoring ring, I don't know if I can get it off right now 'cause it's kind of tight, but it has little sensors inside it that track my heart rate, my respiration, and my sleep cycles – Is that the OURA Ring? – This is the Aura Ring – Yeah, I've got one, too I love it I have it in white

– They're pretty cool Yeah, this is a little big for me, but whatever, I'm okay to wear it, even though it looks a little strange So anyway, let's take some questions I want you guys to know, there's so much power of your biology that you have that's yours, and it's your birthright, it's always been there, and people who don't have Hashi's and people that do have it, they're running at way less power than their cells can make and when you make all that power, you feel it in your brain first, 'cause you have the most mitochondria in your brain It's really cool

– Jessica, hello Robin, Hello Jody There's a question here So, somebody wanted to know if, I've had quite a few people say that they went into remission from Hashimoto's on the Bulletproof diet, and somebody was asking about that Is that what you used, or did you use autoimmune paleo to get into remission? – There was no such thing as autoimmune paleo when I started the Bulletproof diet So, it was definitely the Bulletproof diet, and it turns out, when autoimmune paleo came on the scene, I'm like, hey, these guys kind of get it

I'm in favor of that approach What I found with the Bulletproof diet, if you go to the Bulletproof website, you can download for free the roadmap And the roadmap has Bulletproof foods that pretty much everyone can handle it, except eggs, they are in the Bulletproof thing 'cause they're so good for everyone who doesn't have autoimmunity And then, there's a bunch of what I would just call suspect foods They may be innocent for you, they may be guilty, and those are most of the things the AIP tells you to avoid, and then there's kryptonite foods

Like seriously, just don't eat that crap There's grains, margarine, MSG, tofu– – Gluten – Tofurkey, gluten Field loaf – I don't even know what that is

Let's see, Pamela, she says, "My memory is terrible, I get so tired of being tired" What are some actions that people can take to have more energy, have a sharper brain, and improve, like, what are some things people could do on their own? 'Cause I feel like a lot of people are asking, they're overwhelmed, they're tired, and they don't know what to do What are some things they could do to get started? – The number one thing that I am going to recommend is something that I make, and it's not because I want you to buy it It's because I made it since I couldn't buy it, and I'm going to tell you about it You don't have to buy it

I'll tell you lots of free things, but I'll tell you this is the most powerful one It was also the first blog post I ever wrote back when I didn't think I was going to start Bulletproof as a company I just wanted to share what made me well in case it would help five people That was my whole motivation Helped a few more than five

– And look how many people you've helped now It's amazing – It's hard to believe that I reach 10 million people a month now I'm just overwhelmed by that And what it is, is it's the oil that's present in Bulletproof coffee

It's called Brain Octane Oil, and in fact, I'm going to be pouring this on my meal tonight This is a little travel bottle And what Brain Octane does, it converts in the body into ketones Ketones are these fat-burning molecules that your mitochondria love, because they give you extra electrons and they turn down inflammation when they do that You can fast for four days, and if you're already sick, you will feel like garbage if you try fasting, but your body will start to repair itself

What I found when I started doing things like fasting which does help your body to regenerate, when I would use Bulletproof coffee with zero sugar, zero protein, all of those enzymes that are involved in protein digestion and the insulin stuff, was unaffected, and so, if you wanna enter into ketosis quickly, a half hour after you have your Bulletproof coffee you get the energy from ketones and your brain turns back on That's why last year there were 48 million cups of Bulletproof coffee And that's why, if you order Brain Octane, it will not change my life, I promise you, but will change yours And I don't know how to put that any more strongly But if you don't want to do that, you could try intermittent fasting, which sounds like, oh my god, I'm going to die, but like, skip breakfast, and have a late lunch

And if you do okay with it, a cup of black coffee in the morning can be helpful and that's because caffeine increases ketosis as well, and your whole point is get yourself to the point where you will burn some fat for fuel And the reason you do this is that the neurons in your brain, they will eat ketones even if there's sugar present They love fat, and they never get this, unless you have a regular fasting thing or you're in ketosis a lot, because you eat a very heavy duty high fat, low carb diet, and a lot of people with thyroid disfunction feel crappy when they go on low carb diets for long periods of time Carbs can actually be beneficial Not sugar, but carbs

And, if you do this, you will feel different It happens very, very predictably and very regularly The other thing you can do, unless you're in very extreme adrenal fatigue, this might be too much for you, and this is in Head Strong, and this is free At the end of your shower this morning, you do what I did By the way, water in Colorado is colder than water on Vancouver Island, I just have to say

– Really? There's a switch where you can make it warmer – Yeah, that's the thing, you use the switch to make it colder So, you take a hot shower At the end of the shower, turn the water, not gently, just all the way to cold, and let it hit you right here Now, for the first day, for 10 seconds, you're gonna feel like you're gonna die

And this is actually your mitochondria, these ancient bacteria that are distributed throughout your body, telling you, stop it, we are going to die! You're not gonna die from cold water, it's just uncomfortable, but they tell you, you need to get out of there And it's okay to stop after 10 seconds The next day, do it again After four days of this, your mitochondria are like, I guess we weren't gonna die, we'll chill now Get it, chill? And so, what they do then is, they start saying, I guess we should learn how to make more energy right now and they up-regulate their heat production which teaches your body to be more resilient

And at home, I have the liquid nitrogen chilled air to 70 degrees below zero We tossed Izabella in there when she came to visit and she was like, she was so little, but what happens is, you don't have to go to those extremes – I made it – You did make it through – Barely

(laughing) – I think you were shivering a bit, most people don't shiver from that But, the cold water sounds like death It isn't death after four days So, you do that, and literally you get stronger every single day, and it's literally 30 seconds of cold water at the end of your shower In fact, I look forward to it now

It doesn't hurt at all – Michelle says, "Thank you so much" She's getting the Head Strong book and that she's buying it as gifts as well, 'cause this way it can help everybody in the family – I appreciate that If you have older people in your family, oh my god, get them Head Strong

There's all this research on Alzheimer's, MS, and Parkinson's, because those are the end stages of mitochondria weakness, but get this: 48% of people under age 40 have early-onset mitochondrial disfunction, and everyone over age 40 has mitochondrial disfunction, called aging I call it, it's all early-onset in my book, 'cause I don't think we have to be doing that Theodora, no, you shouldn't stop drinking coffee Let's see, hello Timmy, how are you doing? Nice to see you Let's see, what other questions do we have? Nootropic, is DMAE a nootropic? – DMAE is marketed as a nootropic

It can have cognitive-enhancing benefits It also can give you massive headaches depending on your brain chemistry So, it's something you could try – Shar said, "My husband just ordered Dave's book, "so, he's reading it now "and he was just telling me about it in the morning" – Tell him I said thanks

– Aw, that is awesome And so, another question I had is, you actually have a two-week program that can rebalance brain function Can you tell me more about that? Sure so, at the end of the book, the book is, it's a solid read here, and thousands of hours went into it What I did, is I talk about the why and the how, and then all the references are at the end, and there's also a whole chapter on sort of the advanced stuff you could do, and if you're dealing with advanced Hashimoto's, that chapter is called Beyond The Limits, and I'm like, here's how to sleep deeper, here's stem cells, I've had my stem cells injected All sorts of cool stuff you can do like that, and in– – Really innovative stuff that nobody else is talking about

– Yeah, and those are things that I talk about on the Bulletproof radio show and I Facebook lived my stem cell procedure three days ago, because I want people to know, yeah, right now that's $5,000 I'm working with people to bring it down to the point where it's $500 and you can get it done So, what I do in this program that is actually Chapter 12, is I talk about things you could do one time that you're done with So, one of them is you change your lighting before you go to bed and you swap out some bulbs in your house If you have light bulbs that cause sugar cravings and weaken your mitochondria and you have thyroid disfunction, you are not going to recover the way you should

The mitochondria look at all light frequencies and they change in response to it And LED light bulbs, unless they're red, they jack you up You need incandescent, or halogen light bulbs And so, I tell you how to change which lights and what to do How to set up your sleeping environment because when you sleep well, these mitochondria talk to each other using photons, using light

So, if you have even one LED in your bedroom or if you have leaking light around your curtains, what happens is your mitochondria don't get to talk to each other, so they don't become stronger at night They get disordered, they're like a bunch of single cells instead of a working unit And given that this is 10% of your body weight, given that their job is to keep you around as long as possible 'cause they look at you as a Petri dish, you might as well help them by letting them talk to each other at night And, I talk about how to make your technology work better for you If you're sleeping with your cellphone turned on, you're cooking your mitochondria

EMFs are well-documented to slow mitochondrial function It's different than cooking someone with a microwave, and the cellphone industry will tell you oh, it's just about microwave heating damage No, it's about damage to the semi-conductor function of your mitochondria So, I tell you how to not get rid of WiFi, but how to use it more smartly, and I talk about other things you can do with glasses that can make a huge difference We talk about, if you don't want to take a cold shower, another technique to get yourself some ice

There's even a meditation in here from one of 12 living grand masters of a Chinese energy medicine tradition who's also a UCLA surgeon And he actually wrote a special meditation that's in the book You can also download the one to listen to for free The whole point there is, you do this, and your mitochondria, they're electromagnetically sensitive So, when you change your heartbeat, what happens is, they pick up on the change in your magnetic field and you can control whether they get stressed or calm by just changing your heartbeat

So, meditation has an effect, a documented effect on mitochondrial function, and I talk about this research in the book So, if your mitochondria are slow, you energy is slow If your thyroid is slow, your mitochondria are slow and then your energy is slow When your energy is slow, brain fog, fatigue, irritability, moodiness, forgetfulness, crankiness, hypogly-bitchiness, hangry-ness You know, all those sorts of things

– Clinical terms – Yeah, totally – So, this is well within your power – So, how can a book about mitochondria help people achieve their goals? 'Cause I always go back to like, how is this gonna change your life, right? – Yeah, people are asking me to speak up and I'm speaking pretty loudly, aren't I? – You are – Is it just Theodora? – Let's see

So, there was a drug that people wanted to know that you mentioned, and it was actually a supplement– – It was DMAE, right? – No, so that was not what you were recommending You were recommending, was it Brain Octane? – Oh, Brain Octane is an oil that, definitely not a drug – So, it's actually a food, right? – Yeah, it's a food It's a flavorless oil that goes in your coffee, and where it comes from is, that reflection is terrible, Brain Octane, where it comes from is, we take coconut oil and we get rid of 95% of the weak parts of it and keep just the very strongest part It is much stronger than MCT oil, which is another, like a 50% extract of coconut oil

This is a 5% extract of coconut oil – One more question from Laura Instead of doing the cold shower, how about just putting some ice on the forehead? – Well, that actually works – Does it? – So, for people who don't wanna do the full shower, it's nice to get it on your chest 'cause there's some cold receptors there What you do, is you put the ice in a bowl, and then you, like a dippy bird, take a deep breath, stick your face in there, and facial ice baths are in the book and for some people they're easier, and first time you do it, you're like, oh my god, my head hurts

It's like a cold freeze from eating too much ice cream except it goes away very quickly And you're like, wow, I slept so much better, and that invokes some of the dive reflex, which is really cool – Kind of wakes you up, right? – Absolutely There's also things about natural sunlight If you get natural sunlight in your eyes in the morning, go outside without contact lenses, without glasses on, and just get a little natural sunlight, it changes energy production in your eyes and in your brain and it tells your body it's morning

So, you can be more tied into your circadian rhythm, which can reduce autoimmunity and reduce Hashimoto's Go ahead – I think for sure circadian rhythm, like, being out of balance with that can contribute to the autoimmune epidemic Anything about goals, anything else? 'Cause I was sort of asking you about that but then I never– – About goals, what were you asking me about goals? – Yeah, how the book about mitochondria can help people achieve their goals – Here's the thing

Your If you have autoimmune disfunction, if you have thyroid problems, or if you're just obese like I was, you know that you're not running as well as you could So you're like, alright, I'm just gonna like, I'm gonna force myself

I'm having brain fog? I'll bite my cheek I'm just gonna like, grit my teeth, and I'm just gonna go And what's happening is you've got the accelerator all the way to the floor but you're going slower, not faster, and you could push harder, but it doesn't do anything And I know that you guys know this, 'cause you follow Izabella's work, you have thyroid stuff, so This was my life You end up using all of your willpower to do that, and willpower is finite, and willpower comes from electricity in the body just like every other thought, and willpower and electricity are controlled by mitochondria If you make your mitochondria make 20% more energy, you have more willpower, and since the brain uses the most power, if you have a brown out, what happens is, just not quite enough energy, you feel it in the brain first, and your ability to regulate your emotions goes down, you yell at people you wish you hadn't have yelled at, and your ability to maintain emotional stability goes down and your willpower goes down So, you can get all of your stuff done, you can meet your goals, if you have enough willpower, which means, up-regulate energy production in the body, and then you have more willpower and you can use the willpower to stick to the program or you can use the willpower to actually meditate or to do some personal growth, or to get a promotion or a raise

And I hear these all the time from people who go on the Bulletproof diet, or just people who fix their thyroid I mean, Izabella, your work is really impactful Like, if I'd had your book when I was 25, it would've saved me a lot of time, my god All that time So, it's about getting yourself back

Getting your thyroid fixed is one of the most important things you could do In fact, you're mentioned in Head Strong If you need to know more about the thyroid stuff, this is the go-to person – Aw, you know, it's just, thank you so much I really appreciate that coming from you, 'cause I so respect your work and I appreciate you being so innovative and putting this information out in the world that really nobody else is talking about

So like, you are the source, and people are looking to overcome their issues with brain fog, and feeling like they can't, you know, somebody said, "Pedal to the floor, but not going anywhere," and I know you and I have both been there where we're like, okay, we wanna do all these things in life but we just can't, because all of these things are out of balance, and I love that you're helping people achieve that – Thank, Izabella – So, thank you so much for your work, and where can people get Head Strong? – Head Strong is available right now online You can go to Amazon, I think we posted the link – Yes, so it's in the description here, but if you're on your phone, you can just hop on over to Amazon and get that

– You can also go anywhere books are sold Barnes & Noble has it at the very front table, nationwide, on the octagon table, which is kind of cool And then it's at thousands of internet booksellers So, I would, I'd appreciate it if you buy the book, or if you buy Izabella's book And here's something to think about

This is a really cool Facebook live and we just, we're spending about, what, a half hour, 24 minutes of your time right now It takes about four hours to read one of our books, maybe five, depending on your reading speed This is taking us, well, it's a lifetime of our knowledge, but we're communicating with you, but it didn't take us 2,000 hours to prep this, but I spent at least 2,000 hours writing this book and you must have as well – Yeah, absolutely It's so much research, and testing, and guinea pig-ing

– It's that the most concentrated bit of knowledge you can possibly get is a book from an author who writes a real book versus the, hey, I recorded myself for five minutes and transcribed it, and there's my book Like, this is just a good investment of time, where you get the most boiled-down knowledge that you can in the least amount of time So, that's why I'm grateful if you buy the book And the other thing you can do, if you like this kind of thing, go to Izabella's Amazon page and leave a review for her book, and do the same thing for me Reviews on Amazon are so incredibly powerful

So, if you read the book and it changes something for you, just tell someone And that's what actually motivates Izabella, I know 'cause we're friends, and me too You can change someone's entire life I was doing one of the Bulletproof talks like the one I'm gonna do in a few minutes here, and this was in San Francisco, and my friend, Betsy, who's 70, walks up to me, and I didn't recognize here She lost 90 pounds in the last two years using Bulletproof diet, using techniques in Head Strong

– Life changing – I totally didn't know who she was And she's like, it's me! I'm like, oh my god! And she didn't look 70 anymore, either, which was just remarkable And this has happened to everyone in these stops, and we're at city six of seven Tomorrow is Austin

And it's like, people who really are, they feel different So, it's cool – Well, it's just amazing because I think a lot of us think that we're destined to just grow old and that our brain is gonna slow down and that we're just gonna gain weight, but it doesn't have to be that way We can actually take back our health, we can take charge, and you and I are living proof This is our passion, we do this so we can help other people

– How old are you gonna live? – Um, at least 100, how about yourself? – My goal is 180, and I, because I'm not trying to sound like a crazy person there even though I might be wearing crazy person glasses These are, by the way, called TrueDark The The goal of 180, with existing technology today, and supplements, and taking care of yourself, starting in your forties, better yet, starting in your twenties, 120 is in the bag with the existing technology You have to take care of yourself, a truck needs to not hit you, but we can do this And I'm just assuming that over the next 140 years, that we might see a smidgen of change in our medical technology In fact, I'm forecasting over the next 10 years, that we'll be able to add 30 years to your life just with projects that I know about, that are already underway Doesn't mean everyone will get access to this because it takes time for it to become democratized and become affordable, but this is happening, just like artificial intelligence, just like many other things

You probably don't see it, and you probably don't see how close it is to coming And the deal is, you're not gonna be old when you're old You're gonna still feel good – And that's why you guys should follow Dave's page, too If you follow his Facebook page, he's always releasing the newest and most exciting stuff out there

So, definitely make sure you guys follow his page So, it's Dave Asprey And I think I'm not talking loud enough So, so excited to have you here, Dave It's been such an honor and a pleasure to chat with you and have the opportunity to pick your brain a little bit here

If you guys go to facebookcom/BulletproofExecutive – I hope I got it right, might be Bulletproofexec – Uh-oh – If that doesn't work, it's Bulletproofexec

– Yeah, right? You don't look for yourself very often on Facebook And so, we also have the Facebook page linked here, and you guys should definitely follow Dave Asprey He's doing amazing work in the world, just groundbreaking, innovative Such an honor to have you as a friend and to know you – Likewise, Izabella

– And, thank you for the work that you're doing in the world You guys definitely head over to your bookstore or online, and get yourself a copy of Head Strong So, this was great, and we will see you guys next time



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