Natural Method(s) for Reversing Coronary Heart Disease

Rich: My name is Rich Condon I just turned 70 years old in May and my wife decided that it was time for me to have a physical

So what I did was I decided to go to an MD in Long Island, New York I had my physical in the beginning of June and lo and behold, on June 23rd, I was told that I had one foot in the bucket and the other on a banana peel because I had coronary artery disease Well, I had two blocked arteries How blocked they were, I have to read the report again because I kind of don�t believe it So I decided in lieu of angiograms and stents and invasion, I decided that I was going to do something different, something unconventional in the medical group, however, very conventional in the realistic group

I was interested in not treating a symptom, but basically getting rid and destroying a disease, so I decided to come out to the coast My son, Chris, said to me, "Dad, there's no way you're going to put stents in Come on out" I said, "I agree with you 100%" and we decided we're going to sit with Nick Delgado first and basically get some coaching done And prior to my getting here, which I arrived on July 14th, I decided along with discussing it with Nick to go on a plant-based diet, whole foods, plant-based, and I did

Just like I quit smoking a few years ago, I did it with willpower I gave up everything I enjoyed, pizza, steak, fish — Female: Vodka Rich: Vodka and I decided just to become a plant-based individual, and I surprised myself that the food was delicious Well, lo and behold, I had chelation done I'm supposed to have 30 treatments

I'm on my eighth right now; it's August 7th and I feel wonderful I feel more vibrant My blood work has basically changed quite dramatically I went from — can I have that please? I went from a total cholesterol of 205 in June to 159 August 7th My LDLs, the bad cholesterol, went from 132 in June to 94, August 7th

My triglycerides were 148 and went up to 224, but I guess that's because I just ate something My glucose is at 89, so I feel rather well right now Thanks to Dr Nick, his reference to Dr Grossman and Dr

Steven Block, and I feel wonderful I'm eating and enjoying what I'm getting, fantastic treatment Everyone should consider alternative medicine at any cost prior to any invasion Again, my name is Rich Condon and I can testify that I feel wonderful after being given a death sentence in June Here it is, August, basically a month, a month and a half later, and I'm ready to face the world again

So at 70 years old and contributing to my coronary artery disease was an extremely low testosterone level I decided that it had to go up, so what did we do? We went to Dr Grossman and he gave me an injection of testosterone My energy level immediately went through the roof That was one of the beneficial aspects of having this disease

My wife is very pleased about that I also was told by my physician, the MD, that once I was diagnosed with this, do not go to the gym Do not work out Eat a Mediterranean diet Well, that Mediterranean diet got me the coronary artery disease in the first place, so I kind of negated what he said and that was part and parcel of my decision to leave New York, come to California and get the right treatment

So now, my internal age is 57 and I'm 70 I just don�t believe it I'm taking numerous supplements that have basically made me feel just as good as the testosterone, maybe feel the first day I got it, and I'm very comfortable with myself at this juncture Thank you once again



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