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So last year we did a vegan fast food choices and a general healthier choices at fast food restaurants video You guys seemed to love them, but I had a lot of requests for a Paleo edition, so here it is In case you're not familiar with the specifics of a Paleo diet, there is quite a bit of debate over some of the nitty gritty details of what's a yes or a no food So some allow grass-fed dairy, some allow sweeteners, some allow bacon, and some don't Whatever

But here is the generalized list for your reference Feel free to pause the video to review (whimsical music) So let's just begin by saying that fast food technically is not Paleo It pretty much contradicts the whole philosophy behind the lifestyle It's highly processed, it's pretty much junk food, and it's definitely not what our ancestors ate or what we are best suited to be eating

But, sometimes life happens and we have to find something to eat at a fast food restaurant, or maybe that never happens to you, and if that's the case, then great Stop watching this video now before you feel inclined to leave a nasty comment, because guess what? We don't need that negativity in this community I'm not telling you what to eat, what to not eat, or telling you how much to eat Literally, all I'm doing is showing you a list of some fast food restaurants and some as-close-as-we-can-get-to-Paleo options with the macros If you need more or less food, eat more or less food

That being said, if you are on a Paleo diet and wanting to eat fast food, just recognize up front you're gonna have to make some compromises It might be wise to treat those fast food meals as a treat If you are strict on your Paleo diet, just don't eat fast food In-N-Out Double-double protein style burger with onion, no cheese or spread

Ah, we're starting with my California love We hope this is Paleo It's a 100% beef patty without additives, and definitely better than most other burger joints, but there's not really any ingredient info anywhere They do use vegetable oil on their fries, which is probably what they use for their other food Onions come grilled, but if you wanna avoid that extra cooking oil, you can go with fresh if you ask

Sodium is something you'll just have to deal with at most fast food joints, but with this meal, it ain't too shabby Jimmy John's A double turkey and veg unwich, or lettuce wrap, with avocado spread and mustard Now, this is already only Paleo-ish Processed meat is not so Paleo

But with the lettuce wrap and a ton of veggies on top, it's not so bad No artificial ingredients, no nitrates or nitrites It's good to know, though, that almost every meat they offer contains dextrose, tapioca starch, cultured celery juice powder, natural flavors, et cetera The mustard also does have a little bit of added sugar, but it's one of the most do-able condiments Without the bread, this is a small meal, and low in calories, so you might wanna add extra avocado, which adds to the cost, or meat, which adds to the cost and the sodium

Or, you could just go with a salad instead of the unwich if that's better for you mentally Pita Pit Tuna pita, fork style Fork style's a pita served as a salad, so pretty much it's a salad With double meat, adding egg, avocado, shredded and Romaine lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and Sriracha, which is almost Paleo, other than that dang sugar

Otherwise, this is hopefully Paleo But they don't have a ton of ingredients info online, so we don't actually know what is in the meats or sauces So it seems moderately clean, but who can know for sure? And maybe that's what they want us to think, eh? Pretty much, we have no clue what is in the tuna or in any of the meats or sauces Chipotle steak salad Now you could use any meat you prefer, but the steak is the lowest sodium meat besides the chicken, and to me, chicken gets a little boring

But you do you It's also got lettuce, fajita veggies, the tomatillo green salsa, which is the lowest in sodium and calories, and the guacamole Skip out on that salad dressing, which is loaded with sugar I also have an entire video on making healthy choices at Chipotle If you wanna check that out, I will link it in the description

Panera green goddess Cobb salad with chicken This is a wanna-be Paleo dish They are trying to offer fresh, healthy options, but the ingredients and meats are not very clean, especially the dressings Come on, Panera! Time to up your game The greens, chicken, which does have added sugar and rice starch, avocado, tomato, boiled egg, pickled red onions, which have sugar, and bacon, which has sugar, will make up a decently satisfying salad, but there is literally no dressing without dairy, sugar and/or soybean oil

So, enjoy the flavor of those ingredients on their own Jamba Juice orange carrot karma smoothie, medium size Another Paleo-ish choice It is made from real, whole fruits and simple ingredients, but it is very high in sugar, and we aren't sure from what Some is from the fruit, but they also use fruit blends that I suspect contain added sugar

But for those who care, this is vegan and non-dairy according to the website Taco Bell double shredded chicken power bowl with extra chicken Skip the rice, beans, cheese, and sour cream, and go for extra shredded chicken, iceberg and Romaine, and extra guacamole And add onions, tomatoes, and fire-roasted salsa Both the pico and the guac contain xanthan gum, FYI

You can add bacon if you want, but you know that means the sodium will increase Hardee's low carb double Thickburger, double meat There isn't much on the Hardee's menu that is filling or Paleo, but this option is Low carb means it's a lettuce wrap, with the two burger patties, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mustard If you nix the ketchup, mayo, and cheese, it is entirely Paleo

If you wanted a cleaner option, you could get the side salad, but we've already seen quite a few salads today The chickens and other meats at Hardee's all have quite a few other ingredients, and none of their sides fit as Paleo Long John Silver's cod and shrimp platter with double green beans There aren't many Paleo options here either, but this platter is pretty clean It's just a bit small and has a load of sodium

It is baked though, unlike most everything else that is fried The green beans are also the only do-able side, so feel free to get two of them and go for the Louisiana hot sauce as a less problematic addition Last but not least, Chick-fil-A Grilled nuggets with a superfood side salad This is definitely not Paleo, but it isn't the worst

Your chicken will be cooked with vegetable or soybean oil, and some additives are in there from corn and sugar Even the superfood side salad has quite a bit of sugar There's nothing blatantly artificial or synthetic in the meat, but there are some in the sauces It's a boring meal, but there's nothing 100% Paleo at Chick-fil-A other than the side salad without cheese Even the fruit cup has added sugar

And that is your fast food Paleo options video I hope you found these helpful, but remember, eating fast food at all already sort of breaks the true essence of the Paleo concept So don't fool yourself Feel free to check out my vegan and general healthy fast food videos, and Chipotle healthy choices video for more like this At the end of the day, we don't want fast food to be a regular part of our lifestyles, so don't stress too much as long as you're truly making this an occasional indulgence

And remember, especially when it comes to fast food, it's all a matter of mind over munch



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