Part 3 – Janis Eells, PhD: Photobiomodulation’s Impact on Medicine

So that's the best thing that's interesting, is that from the work that you've done, I mean you really are a pioneer in this side and in retinal I think everybody who's doing the work now can trace their work back to what you've done

How does that make you feel as far as knowing that what you've done has really made an impact for not only the current generation of researchers that are out here but just the light community and in these patients that it's really gonna work well? It's the most amazing thing It's one of those things where you go into science, and I went into science quite quite young actually, I knew at 9 that I wanted to be a scientist and I was gonna cure cancer And then you get about mid-career and you think I'll just be lucky to make it just through all of this And then that's about the time I started doing light work and I'm back to that same 9-year-old excitement of I'm really gonna make a difference What I'm gonna do is actually going to impact medicine

And that's I think the other reason that I don't care who runs with it, who takes it, who publishes with it, whatever The faster it gets out there, the more it gets out there There's so much potential resistance that the more people doing it, the more the work is replicated, the more people believe it The more robust it becomes The more I'm going to see this and the better the literature becomes, the more I'm going to see this in my lifetime



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