Part 4 – Janis Eells, PhD: The Future of Photobiomodulation

It's very interesting, because of all the things and there's a lot of work in the TBI side and there's a lot of work and wound healing, one of the things that a lot of the experts in the community really do believe is the work that you've done, that's what's going to help make photobiomodulation much more mainstream because there are no other treatments for this No

There's nothing else that you can do and just like you said it's a traumatic thing to lose your vision Oh yeah So the work that you've done has been phenomenal so far, we can't wait to see what's gonna keep coming in the future and just some of the collaborations and things Is there anything that you would like to see for light-based medicine in the next, let's say 10-15 years? There's a lot of things I'd like to see I would basically like to see every nursing home, every wound care clinic, every VA have a light therapy unit or be lending units out, selling units, whatever

I'd like to see every ophthalmologist, I mean, I would say who do you see more often? You probably see an optometrist more often You go in, they measure things in terms of your vision If you were to actually just stick your eyes in something that would actually treat it or someone could say you've got the beginning signs of some degenerative disease, take this home right and treat yourself That's what I'd like to see I'd like to see everybody have access to it

Because now it seems like the thing that's interesting in photobiomodulation now is the fact that we're finding it works on cells even before they're starting to act, before they start to degenerate You saw that in a couple models You've actually been able to reverse some of the things Right, yeah we could reverse some of methanol toxicity with it, which really surprised me Nothing else actually reversed that kind of toxicity

A lot of the work that Krisztina Valter has done, they've done pre-treatments And then they do a "shocking," usually it's an intense bright light treatment, and they can block it And so the idea of being able to intervene before you develop this I think what should happen with people with spinal cord injuries is they should be treating themselves before they develop an ulcer and they'll never develop an ulcer And that's a really big paradigm shift that we've talked about for the last 50 years with laser

It's always been disease manifests and you are coming in basically retroactively trying to get back to that state And I think it's a really interesting different thing where you're going in and saying you could treat it before Right, let's prevent the disease What a radical idea, in essence Let's actually stop it from happening

Absolutely Janice you're like one of the pioneers in the industry, it's amazing what you've done Thank you for spending time with us today and we can't wait to see what you have in the future Great, thanks a lot Thank you



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