Research: Photobiomodulation for Skeletal Muscle Performance | Ernesto Leal-Junior, PhD, PT

I am Professor Ernesto Leal-Junior I am a physical therapist with a master's degree in biomedical engineering and I earned my PhD at the University of Bergen in Norway

In 2011 I finished my post-doctorate at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil Right now I am the lead researcher for Multi Radiance Medical and I am a full professor at Nove de Juhlo University in Brazil First of all, we will talk about the effects of phototherapy on skeletal muscle fatigue, skeletal muscle performance, and skeletal muscle recovery In this study we aimed to identify the optimal dose for sports performance enhancement and to accelerate recovery after an extensive exercise session We tested 3 different doses using the MR4 laser manufactured by Multi Radiance Medical

What we found was the 30 J dose was the best dose in order to improve performance and to accelerate recovery One of the important things here is that we applied lasers immediately before the exercise session What does this mean? This means that if you apply lasers before an extensive session of exercise, you are able to keep your performance at the highest level and at the same time, you are able to protect your muscles against damage, which means that your recovery will be dramatically accelerated if you use low level laser therapy before an exercise session These findings have a big impact in clinical practice since we know that it's a challenge to try to keep athletes at the highest level of performance and also have the athletes ready for the next exercise session If you think about the outcomes of this study, this means that if you apply laser before your exercise session, you are able to keep your athlete at the highest level of performance, and you are able also to prevent the overuse and over training injuries



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