Research: Photobiomodulation Improves Performance in Rugby Players | Ernesto Leal-Junior

I am Professor Ernesto Leal Junior from Nove de Juhlo University in Sao Paulo, Brazil I am the leader of the Laboratory of Phototherapy in Sports and Exercise, and I am the research leader at Multi Radiance Medical

Now we will talk about the effects of photobiomodulation therapy before a field test in high-level rugby players We performed a randomized crossover clinical trial with 12 high level rugby players in Brazil Since we already know the optimal dose for Multi Radiance Medical technology for sports enhancement, these parameters were applied immediately before a field test with these rugby players The photobiomodulation radiation was performed at 17 different locations of lower limbs of these athletes We observed that when athletes were previously radiated with low level laser therapy, they were able to improve their performance and also to improve their recovery

Pre-exercise photobiomodulation was able to enhance athletes' performance during the field test In this study, we also observed the protective effect of photobiomodulation over the irradiated muscles We observed also that the lactate levels of these volunteers were decreased when they received pre-exercise photobiomodulation An interesting thing is that athletes also perceived less fatigue when they were irradiated with pre-exercise photobiomodulation As far as we know this is the first study that was performed with a field test, which means that this is the first step for photobiomodulation therapy to be widely used in sports settings



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