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Research has shown that making lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of heart disease but is it possible to go beyond reducing the risk and actually reverse heart disease altogether through diet alone? Is that myth or medicine? Diet alone can reverse heart disease that is generally a myth and I'm going to tell you why Hi my name is Ryan Nelson I'm a cardiologists at Highland Hospital and University of Rochester Medical Center We're very unlikely to be able to clean out or eliminate narrowings or blockages in the coronary arteries We know that we can prevent them from getting worse and prevent future events through the lifestyle modifications, the dietary modifications, and medications We never completely remove the fact that the that a patient has coronary artery disease there never cured but it's something that is managed as a chronic illness similar to the way he may manage high blood pressure for years by taking a blood pressure pill

Elizabeth from Seattle, Washington asks "I follow a healthy lifestyle and I'm doing great can I go off my medication?" That this individual discussion that has to be undertaken on a patient by patient basis but generally I would say that most cardiologists will tell their patients that the answer usually is no to going off medications me know that it's quite unlikely that anything that is done whether it be medication or dietary modifications or vigorous exercise is going to completely clear up or removed blockages or narrowing in the coronary arteries the focus of our therapies is generally to halt any progression of coronary artery disease prevent future events including heart attacks or heart failure and control blood pressure And that's medicine Not sure if it's myth or medicine? Connect with us online We'll get to work and get you a second opinion Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of "Second Opinion" Live Fearless






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