Top 5 Health Benefits of Ketosis

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Dr Zyrowski and in this video what we're going to talk about are the top five benefits to the ketogenic diet

Number one on our list the top five benefits of the ketogenic diet is that the ketogenic diet or the state of ketosis can help with the treatment of cancer and Alzheimer's Ketosis really works well to help starve out those cancer cells and it also helps to boost the cognitive effects of those who are suffering from Alzheimer's Number two in our top five benefits of the ketogenic diet is that when you're in the state of ketosis, you burn fat for energy This fat is a superior fuel so as you burn this superior fuel, you're going to not find yourself going through the highs and lows all day You're not going to find yourself crashing all day

In turn, this is going to help improve your mood, and it's going to help you really beat that afternoon drowsiness that many people get simply because they're not going to have ups and downs in their blood sugar Number three in our top five benefits of the ketogenic diet is it helps improve your memory so when you have your brain that is 70% plus fat and you start increasing all these good fats, it's going to do nothing, but help nourish a well-functioning brain And when we look at this whole movement of putting MCT, medium chain triglycerides into your coffee and butter, the whole predication for doing so would be to increase those good fats in order to nourish and support the brain When we look at people who have diabetes, when they develop diabetes, a lot of the their cognitive effects are stripped away from them And so, we see an increase in cognitive effects when the increase in good fats is put into the diet

Number four is that it helps to balance and lower insulin levels When you balance and lower insulin levels, a couple good things are going to happen and one of the most important is that you're going to reduce oxidative stress When you reduce oxidative stress, you reduce inflammation in the body, and you also reduce aging So if you want to age well and you want to reduce inflammation which ultimately helps reduce chances of chronic disease in your future then the ketogenic diet is great as it helps to lower and balance those insulin levels Number five and probably the most important benefit that we're going to discuss for most people is the ability to lose weight or fat loss while in the ketogenic diet

There's really not a better diet out there in my opinion for cutting fat from the body and losing weight And the reason that it works so well is because you shift your body from burning sugar for energy to burning fat for energy And all this fat around the waist, in the arms, and everywhere that you start to store fat, what happens is the diet actually will start using that fat for energy and as you use that fat for energy and as a fuel source, your body is going to just start to lean up and you're gonna start losing all those pounds that you've been wanting to for so long So those are the top five benefits to the ketogenic diet My patients love the ketogenic diet and many of them have done very well with it

I hope that the ketogenic diet is in your future and let us know how it goes Post in the comments below and subscribe to our channel Take care and make it a great day



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