Try Activated Charcoal and Detox Your Gut

If you're serious about Detoxing, Activated Charcoal should be your secret weapon Do not eat a brick of charcoal from your neighbors grill This does nothing

Ask me how I know If I were to hand this drink to you right now and tell you to take a sip, what would you do? well I'll bet it's blacker than your morning cup of coffee This right here is not a poisonous concoction from a Disney movie This right here is actually a detoxifying drink and you wouldn't believe it but it tastes like lemonade Uhmmthis is one of the world's oldest detoxifying remedies something called Activated Charcoal This black stuff has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Arabatic and Western medicine and by the end of this video you'll be ready to make your own very black lemonade Let's go You want to detox but you don't know where to start All those pills, powders and potions making your head spin way too many options to choose from let's keep it simple in today's Saturday Strategy, I'm going to show you a simple satisfying drink to help you get right on track without all of the fuss

So here are some quick facts, so what in the world is Activated Charcoal and why would anybody want to drink it? Activated Charcoal is this natural charcoal that has been treated in order to increase the ability to buying toxins It is not the same charcoal that we use on the BBQ during the fourth of July so please don't go around drinking that Activated Charcoal is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in your body so that it can be flushed out nice and easy Emergency Rooms often use it when people have swallowed poisons Studies have found that Activated Charcoal can alleviate gas and bloating, can purify water, cleanse the digestive system, it's meant to help the heart act as a anti-aging remedy, rip bad breath and body odor

That's right, I use Charcoal today, and reduce cholesterol level Taking Activated Charcoal is a great way to help your body thrive in a world filled with toxins So here's the recipe: fresh herbs like Thyme Rosemary or Basil, 1 to 2 capsules of Activated Charcoal, one organic lemon, 1-2 tablespoons of Maple Syrup, we got 16 ounces of filtered water, 1 pinch a Himalayan Sea Salt So what we're going to do is squeeze the lemon into a water, add salt and the maple syrup open the capsules in the charcoal powder

Mix the charcoal, add the herbs of desire and voila! You have yourself a nice amazing glass of summertime Activated Charcoal Lemonade You can drink this stuff to help cleanse your body after easy, processed or junk food When you're feeling bloated, when you feel moody or if you're drinking a lot of alcohol and some would say it helps with jet lag as well Remember to drink plenty of extra water on days you use Activated Charcoal so that you don't get dehydrated Remember, detoxing can have some side effects as your body purges the nasty crap you've got bottled up inside your body Another great helper for detoxification is Green Juice

And if you are like me and on the go all the time, having an on-the-go option is a huge blessing If you haven't tried our already made greatest tasting Green Juice super food on the planet with 11 of nature's best superfoods, go to Organificom and i'll leave the link in the blog below to get the world's greatest tasting Green Juice I love this stuff I take it everywhere

I'm headed to Italy I'm gonna have my suitcase packed full of Green Juice and make sure that I have my nutritional activation right here So there it is Thank you so much for watching this Saturday Strategy If you love the recipe feel free to share it with somebody that would be interested in this type of information

Thank you so much for watching As always remember, we're in this together and I'll see you next week!



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